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March 20, 2013

International Earth Day

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International Earth Day.
(Fast Approaching)
by Dick Hunt, Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012.

No matter whose side we are on in the ongoing debate about Global Warming, it only makes good sense to look after this planet on which we live as responsibly as we possibly can. I am thankful that I was brought up in a very caring family which taught us to be grateful for this beautiful world and leave it in better shape than we found it in our passage through life.  And for the past 33 years, Ruth and I and a host of friends have used only earth friendly cleaning products, (people friendly too) which do a superb job of doing all the cleaning. That includes our personal cleanliness too, for we are parts of the environment.

From very early in his life, the founder of the Company that makes our products  strove to treat this beautiful world with great respect and gratitude. His name was Forrest C. Shaklee and he founded Shaklee Corporation 56 years ago in California. For 56 years, Shaklee Members have had access to a full line of cleaning products which are not only very effective, but fully biodegradable returning to nature within 36 hours,  leaving no residue and all this at about one quarter the cost of over the counter competitors.  They use no harsh chemicals, no toxic fumes pervade the homes in which they are used and  I have absolutely no hesitation whatever as I do all I can to share these great products.

Be cleaner than ever in your homes.  Never be troubled with noxious fumes which militate against your family’s health.  Save a bunch of money . And anyone may easily arrange to order their own products by 1-800 phone or on the internet with delivery to your door within five business days. And Shaklee does all the book-keeping for you. Yes, and even pays you a hefty bonus for sharing the products with other folks.  Don’t look for the products in retail stores. They are only sold through Independent Distributors, as they are so superior  and economical that we share not only the products but the knowledge of how to use them for the best results. More is not better.  Use according to the directions.  We don’t buy water as is the case with most other cleaning products.. We use tap water and mix the products according to the cleaning task in hand. Find a Distributor in your community by e mailing canada@shaklee.ca or ask me and I will gladly Sponsor you as a Member and get you started, which I can do over the phone.

Oh, and cleaning products are just part of the blessings.  Shaklee also markets the safest, most effective, pure, food based  Nutritional Supplements in the world and we have used them too for 33 years.  They only became available in Canada 35 years ago.  Personal care products too. Hair care.  Water purifers.  Ruth and I are in our 92nd year and not on any prescription medications, yet we are healthy and active and enjoying life. We know that all the products are based on the meticulous work of Shaklee Scientists for the best products avaialble,  guaranteed by  Shaklee.

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