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March 14, 2015

Price Alone? What about Quality?

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I was checking my old emails and I don’t think I added the post below to Dad’s WordPress (note the written date).


Price Alone?  What about Quality?

by Dick Hunt. March 7th, 2013.

Years ago, in the Town of Stettler, Alberta a very honest and successful business man operated a Men’s and Boy’s Wear store on the Main street. I well remember a sign in a prominent position in his store which said, ‘There is hardly anything  available that cannot be made poorer and sold a lot cheaper and the person who looks at the price alone is fair game for such Cheater’s.” A few years ago, at the outfall of the  Greater Vancouver Sewage Treatment system, the screen at the end of the large Pipe became plugged and a crew was dispatched to deal with the problem.  It was quickly discovered that what plugged the screen was undissolved food supplement tablets which had not only passed through peoples digestive systems but also through the normally effective Sewage Treatment system which was designed to break down and disolve the sewage.  The people who had bought Food supplements solely on the basis of price and advertising were cheated into ingesting junk that they were trusting to keep them healthy.

One way to test food supplements is to drop the tablets in a glass of water and time the interval until the supplements dissolve.  The first time I saw that demonstrated was in the home of friends in Nanaimo.  The Lady of the house put water in four glasses and then placed three Multi Vitamin – Multi Mineral tablets from three different popular brands of over the counter tablets  in three of the glasses. Then she asked me to record the time.  She then dropped a Shaklee Vita Lea multi in the fourth glass. Twelve minutes went by.  The Shaklee product was fully disolved. None of the other three showed any sign of disolving. 

An hour later it was time for Ruth and me to catch our ferry. Our friend asked us to come out to the lawn so she could empty the four glasses at the edge of the flower border. Still none of the three had dissolved at all.  The Shaklee one had fully dissolved.  She took pictures of the area. About two weeks passed and she sent us another picture  The three had not yet dissolved and were easy to spot in the picture. In the area where the Shaklee Multi  was poured out, the rabbits had eaten the grass right down to the roots, which seems to say that rabbits are smarter than most shoppers in food supplement displays. 

The first Shaklee Multi Vitamin- Multi Mineral Tablets were developed in 1915 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee and dispensed to his Chiropractic patients with great success to provide good health for his clients. Since then Shaklee Corporation has never looked back, has never ceased to carry out deeply Scientific Research to produce ever more effective, safe and fully guaranteed Food Based Supplements, fully Biodegradable cleaning products (Green from the Beginning and much less costly than the competition), Personal Care products, hair care products etc. and now a new line of Weight loss products clinically proven to bring users weight down to their desired level in 90 days and in the next 90 days show them how to maintain that standard and all as you enjoy the great health and energy that is the result.  In the 35 years since Ruth and I discovered Shaklee products we have never once been dissapointed with any product or service provided by this very honest and generous Company. More costly?  That is rubbish.  Every Shaklee product works as the company guarantees and is fully guaranteed or your money back. The Proof of the Pudding is certainly in the eating.

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