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March 14, 2015

A Timely and Accurate Observation

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A Timely and Accurate Observation.
by Dick Hunt, Week of March 10th to 14th, 2014.
During this week I have had a busy time. Ups and downs. Blessings and lessons. One of my experiences has involved me in excruciating pain, the reason for which I was unable to understand. Enter my evening Fraser Health Care person, a young man with experience and keen observation and valiant heart. He accurately discovered a large swelling and said I had suffered a Hernia. He further said I should go to the Hospital by ambulance without delay. He also made all the arrangements and in short order I was off to the hospital in an ambulance Two strong men lifted me onto a Gurney, covered me up and rolled me into the vehicle. They asked me various questions, made copious notes on their official forms and in due course I was seated on an uncomfortable “Chair” in the hospital with my feet sticking out beyond the foot rest. Then, wait for results.
There was lot’s of activity, coming and going of cleaning staff, and other activities, incoming patients being looked after and processed. I waited. And waited . My time of arrival was about 7:45 PM.I presumed I might have an X Ray. Wrong assumption. Or an examination by a Doctor. Wrong again. Finally I needed to urinate and got the attention of a staff member, who brought me the appropriate equipment. I suggested perhaps the labs might want to do a urine check. She said, “Maybe” and went away. Finally, I asked what was being done about my immediate future. The staff member, said, “Don’t worry, we know you are here and went away again.
My watch indicated that it was nearly 10 PM. Someone said “the Doctor is busy ‘on the other side’ “ He finally arrived and said I had suffered a hernia, that I should phone a Specialist, whose card he gave me and I should arrange for surgery sometime down the line. The only person who did an observation and discovered a swelling was my Home Care Person. He reported to the various people that evening, from the Ambulance attendants, to the Hospital staff on the phone who had anything to do with me. They all appeared to believe what he had observed and based their “treatment” on his analysis, for no-one else even cast a glance upon what he discovered, a large swelling in my left groin, which was the source of my excruciating pain. I cannot fault the young Doctor, who seemed to be the only one on duty as he was doing his best to cover all demands. He never examined me but, based on the evidence he had been given, I had a hernia. I thank God for the accurate observation of my care giver. The doctor said the Hospital was going to send me home in a Taxi and that I should hand the driver my house key, get him to go into my suite (ground floor), find my Walker, get me into the house safely and I was home for the night. In the meantime my pain had subsided, the swelling had diminished and I slept well. A great blessing unfolded just after the taxi left. The door bell rang and I opened the door to find my dear friends Gerry and Barbara Vickers were there, having called at the hospital just as I was leaving in the taxi, Gerry had recognized me in the passenger seat by my “shiny” head.They got me to bed and were obviously part of God’s care for me . Thank you Lord!

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