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August 8, 2011

Shaklee Is More Than A Word.

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Shaklee Is More Than A Word.
by Dick Hunt, August 8th, 2011

Last evening I was at a restaurant with 12 friends to celebrate a birthday with one of our number.  During the evening one of the ladies mentioned I was wearing a shirt with Shaklee embroidered on it and asked if I was still using the products.  I said, “yes,  when you find something as good as Shaklee products and getting better all the time, you just long to share it with other people. The lady said, “do you still use Alfalfa tablets?” and I said, “I wouldn’t be without them”.  The discussion went on and they asked me what it does for me.  I told them about a phone call I had from a friend in Nanaimo , in which I was asked how my Asthma was doing.   Ruth and I had lived for three years prior to moving to Maple Ridge in a cedar cottage on Mayne Island.  Cedar is an enemy of good respiration.  I told him I was coping by using two inhalers four times a day.  He asked if I used Alfalfa tablets and how many. I said “yes, ten tablets a day”. Hold on. I am talking about food, not medicine.  He said triple that and see what happens. End of conversation.

I went to 30 tablets a day (food, not medicine) and in four days I didn’t need my inhalers any more, ever!  What a relief!  But there was more to come in benefits.  In the same four days,  the arthritic pain in my fingers and wrists disappeared.  My right wrist had become so painful I had to turn on the ignition with my left hand. In the same four days I had no more pain in my hands and wrists. As long as I use the product daily, the pain stays away.  The secret is that Alfalfa contains a powerful, natural anti inflamatory factor to control inflamation.  Inflamation is a problem in a great many diseases which afflict people and yes, lower animals too.  The trick is to understand that all Shaklee Supplements are produced from natural food products, formulated  for promoting optimum health while giving us assurance of safety.
But there is more. I have recently received a DVD which makes perfectly clear that Shaklee products are effective in promoting the best of health with every product. In a deep scientific study at the University of California Berkeley Medical School, an intensive investigation was carried out to compare three large groups of people for twenty years or more; those who used no supplements, those who used “over the counter” supplements  and those who had used Shaklee supplements . The results were astonishing.  In every aspect of health maintenance, Shaklee stood out with great prominence in promoting heart health, cancer prevention, energy maintenance, strong immune systems and every other way.

It was remarkable that the group which had used NO supplements proved to be healthier in every category than those who used over the counter supplements.  It was even more remarkable that those who used Shaklee supplements were far and away more healthy and vigorous than the first two groups and were on almost zero Prescription medications, even into their nineties.  I am on NO prescription meds and I am 91 years of age.  What is more, I am in very good health and vigour suffering only health problems (Virus infection) that occurred before we discovered Shaklee and which destroyed my hearing and balance function in my right ear.

It is most notable that of all the supplement producing companies, only Shaklee does exhaustive testing for purity, potency  and safety of raw materials (up to 278 times a year) ; up to 88,000 tests for purity, safety and effectiveness of the finished products and exhaustive clinical testing with third party scientists before marketing.  Up to 95% of all other supplements are made from raw materials from China which are never tested and most of which is Synthetic with no biological life it it. And only Shaklee maintains a warranty on their consumable products which is satisfaction or money back.  All of which is verifiably true.
A frequently heard protest against using Shaklee products is that they are too expensive. However, if you take into account that Shaklee alone in the supplement industry gives full value for the money, the case for Shaklee is ironclad.  The Berkeley study proves that over the counter supplements are more harmful to human health than helpful. That being true, all the money spent on over the counter supplements is wasted and more – dangerous to health. Shaklee is in the business of promoting health.

A major impediment for people who think about using supplements is that they look much the same as drugs. It takes a large jump in understanding to realize that looks are often deceiving. No matter what the shape and size and colour, drugs are drugs.  Shaklee guarantees that what is in the bottle is precisely what is in the contents, including potency and safety and bioavailability.  Furthermore, it is important to follow the directions, including daily intakes, even as in the case of drugs. But drugs all have side effects, many of them dangerous, injurious to health and  at times, fatal.  Shaklee food supplements never harm but only help people to have better health and wellness and vigour.

When it comes to food, we are accustomed to eating what we consider sufficient for good health and energy. Let it be noted that supplements from Shaklee are food and in some cases, as with Alfalfa for example, more is better up to the intake that produces the results we are seeking. Wrap your mind around this: Shaklee supplements are food, not medicine.  It has been noted that some Prescription drugs frequently destroy the  effectiveness  of some food supplements. It has also been shown that good supplements often increase the effectiveness of some prescription drugs.


  1. Does any Shaklee products come from Japan. Especially raw products

    Comment by Gary Edwards — July 16, 2014 @ 10:23 am


      Comment by Dick Hunt's Blog — July 17, 2014 @ 8:32 pm

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