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March 14, 2015

Complex. That is What Life Is.

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Checking old emails and I don’t think I added this one to Dad’s blog. Joy

Complex.  That is What  Life Is.

by Dick Hunt, March 12th, 2013.

And often we might wish Life is  more simple.  I hear many people say they long  for the Good Old Days.  But they are gone beyond recall. My children urged me 19 years ago to write my Family History, so they could understand what life was like when I was a boy on a Cattle Ranch in east central Alberta.  My eldest Daughter Joy got me started using an Apple computer and I started pecking out words with two forefingers.  The result was that I carefully set down from memory, in 140 pages, a letter size, close typed history, in twelve coil backed copies, for immediate family members. I am now editing the results with the intention of publishing it in book form. And it will be a Complex story.

That is not all that is Complex.  I am frequently asked questions about Food Supplements, having studied Nutrition from sources which are trustworthy, based on Scientific reports by highly qualified Phd’s, and backed up by 35 years of being very well served by Shaklee Corporation, the leading supplier of all natural food based  Supplements in the world. All of them are Clinically Proven to be effective, safe, and backed by scientific evidence and approval by third parties. The word “Complex” is employed very often in the names of the various very effective Nutritional Supplements  from Shaklee. For example, B Complex contains the full spectrum of B’s, in nature’s balance with scientific research to make sure only the best, most complete and fully tested raw materials are used and that no item is left out of the “Complex” to be sure it is the best and mose effective available. The evidence shows that B Complex should only be  

used when all the parts are together in the proper balance.

The same applies to all the Shaklee Nutritional products. Like human endeavor, we work best and most effectively when we work together.  I am often asked if Shaklee has a product calleed B12.  I answer, “only when you ask for it in it’s role in the B. Complex.” Last evening I was asked if Shaklee can provide Glucosamine.  I said, yes, but only in a product called “Joint Health Complex”, because it works in concert with other factors.  You will see the word, Synergistic in connection with many products, and that means, roughly speaking, “Working Together”.

The Shaklee Product Catalogue reveals the content of all the various raw materials in each tablet or capsule, in detail and the price list. All the contents of all the parts of each  item are there in detail and guaranteed to be in each product listed. Google Shaklee for any information you may wish. 

The way Shaklee Corporation works together for the health of people is to develop and supply the best possible products available, based on deep, constant research, (the company employes nearly 100 Phd Scientists full time) to make sure no effort is missed in the ever improving line of  fully guaranteed Health Care  Products. Shaklee is dedicated to making it possible to achieve Optimum Health  through what we ingest.  We are not interested in waiting until people get sick and then try to fix them.

So, I am 92 years and 7 months of age. Life is great.

Note: this was written in 2013. Dad is now 94+ (heading toward 95).

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