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July 10, 2014

The Magic of White Flour, (according to the Ads.)

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The Magic of White Flour, (According to the Ads.)
by Dick Hunt, Sunday, March 16th, 2014.

The story has been told of a man who was walking along West Georgia Street in Vancouver, when he was held up by a gun wielding thief. He was told to take off his Sport Jacket and hand it over, complete with the contents of the pockets. He complied. Then he was told to take off his nice Tie and hand it over. Then his shiny black shoes. Then his shirt. and finally he was left shivering in what was left. Then the thief felt sorry for the man, handed back his tie and said, “there, you are enriched”. Well, one of my Uncles was held up by a gun wielding thief on West Georgia in 1929 but all he lost was his wallet and a few dollars. Credit cards had not yet been invented.
But there is a close parallel between what was taken away and what was returned in the first story and what has been done to wheat when it is milled for flour and what has been returned. Typically, anything in the original grain which is capable of giving life to the eater is removed, leaving little but starch and starch is incapable of producing life. The “kernel of life” has been removed along with the ability of the original power of the wheat to reproduce itself when planted in the soil. So there is bulk in white bread flour but the life giving power is missing. Then comes the punch line. The flour and the bread or other products produced from it is called “enriched” by the addition of some doubtful Synthetic additives, supposedly to replace what was originally taken away to make the resulting products look ‘nice’ and sound good.
In my young years in Agricultural Alberta, we grew and harvested our own wheat and hauled it away in a farm truck to the Grist (Flour) Mill. There it was milled into flour, wheat germ, bran and all the contents of the original wheat came back to us in cotton bags to be stored in a dry attic for baking bread etc. when properly aged. The baked goods in our kitchen were delicious, the aroma was fabulous, the goodness of the original wheat was still there and nothing was wasted. And normally on our busy Cattle Ranch, as many as twenty five people were energetic, healthy and eager to go to work each day.
Some time ago, I learned by accurate research that Health Canada Standards required that only a small portion of the life giving wheat germ needed to be included in flour and flour products in order for it to be called “Whole Grain”. I wrote to the Canadian Health Authorties and asked them to be honest and tell the truth about the meaning of “Whole”. They never answered my letter. The fact remains however, that white flour products are not good for human consumption, are not life giving, are one of the main reasons for the overweight and obesity problems so strongly besetting North American citizens. We need to be informed and aware of what average unaware persons are doing to themselves when they reach for white flour products with the harmful nonsense about “enriched” which only means adding back what is only synthetic additives with no hope of good health. We should certainly buy whole grain products, without harmful additives: ‘colors, flavours, preservatives’ & make sure that we know what is best for us and eat only that.

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