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July 10, 2014

The Lies Told At The “Grammies’ Events!

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The lies Told At The “Grammies’ Events! By Dick Hunt, Tuesday, April 15th, 2014.

I have been researching the events and statements made at the recent Grammies celebrations in Hollywood. Much has been made of the great success of the recent Film about the Life of Jesus, and it was strongly featured in the celebrations. It was mentioned that Michael Landon Sr. was a strong factor in the Film Industry for some years. Having said that, the reporters made mention that Michael Landon Jr. was a film maker of great merit, having produced films for many firms. He also revealed that his Father’s marriage had ended in divorce and he had lost his Faith. in the interview he revealed that four years later he himself had bcome a reckless driver, rebellious, a drinker, used drugs and got kicked out of the U. of S.C. His Mother was listening to her Manicurist Lois who “was speaking truth to her and she committed her life to Christ as Saviour and Lord”. To appease his Mother he started going with her and her parents to Church and after several months as he said, “I was completly broken and committed my life to Christ”. So “he now speaks the Truth, as it is in Christ” He has revealed the evil of the film makers of the Jesus Film especially for their three times changing of their three quotes from a well known verse from St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 3 verse 16 as they have left out the critical word’s “should not perish”. So they have the reading as “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life,” three times leaving out the words, “should not perish!” Michael Landon Jr. rightly called that a deliberately evil statement designed only to confuse and advance their own agenda, which is to make money and destroy the Christian faith. Thank God for Michael Jr. People who deny the God of all power and might, the maker of the Universe and the giver of all life and Love are at best whistling in the dark. His awesome power was what brought the entire Cosmos into being. He spoke and the whole world was made. Knowing that in order to understand and believe, we needed to see His very self, He caused the Virgin Mary to concieve a child without benefit of a human father. Jesus came into the world in Behtlehem, a fact well attested in every way. I have been there in the proximity where that awesome event took place. I wear a hand carved Olivewood Cross which I bought in that very place. God, the Father of Jesus Christ our only Saviour and Lord, the only Way into God’s Kingdom both here and in the hereafter, holds in His Loving control all the Earth and the Universe. The Love of God is so awesome that he made the Way clear as to what He has done to show us the Way, the Truth and the Life open to all through Jesus Christ, who is that Way! In the more than sixty years during which I have ministered, taught and preached that Truth, I have witnessed only the most joyful results in all those who have taken the step that brings them into the family of the Living God through Jesus His only Son. There is no other Way in. That is what gives the lie to the false reporting of the Jesus Film at the Grammie celebrations. There is a self chosen punishment to come for all who deliberately deny the Salvation so freely given for all people. The claim was even made by the “Grammie Crowd”, that only moderns know the truth and they are NOT GRANNIES”. We have all had Grannies in our lives and they are no dummies! The sole reason for the attempt to remove the words, “should not Perish” from the quote From St. John 3:16 is to make more money and destroy the Christian Faith. Hang in there, Christians. Be aware of the Truth!

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