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July 10, 2014

letter to editor Macleans Magazine, Re “Jesus, the family man”

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The Letters Page; Macleans Magazine. Re “Jesus, the family man”, cover story.

Those persons who argue the case for Jesus as a married man totally miss the point of both the Old Testament and New Testament and also Christian History. Jesus knew the reason for His coming into the world very early in His life, and lived accordingly. From His earliest years when he stayed on in the Temple talking with the religious leaders while his parents were on their way home, He lived a focused life, knowing He would die freely on the Cross for the Salvation of all mankind of every age, “especially those who believe.” Those who question the truth of the Scriptural and other Historical accounts of the Christian Life are showing their focus too… They are focused on destroying the Faith and understanding of billions of Christians to suit their own lifestyle. The Da Vinci Code is dead in the water, a fable hatched in ignorance. Jesus Christ was centered on his calling to die for the Salvation of the universe and led His own brief life on earth to that end. Yet He lives forever, having risen from the Dead on the third day, as Christians have always believed. There is not the slightest evidence for the marriage of Jesus, anywere but in the foggy minds of the unbelievers. His progess, from Birth to Death to rising again to live forever is set in the Presence of God, Father and Creator, His Son Jesus Christ – God’s Word become Flesh and the Holy Spirit, living in the hearts of true Believers of every age. He was truly Human, Truly Divine and loved and died for all people.

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