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July 10, 2014

A Dream and A Very Probable Interpretation

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A Dream And A Very Probable Interpretation. by Dick Hunt, April 20th, 2014, Easter Day. Someone very close to me, very recently had the following Dream. I quickly had a picture in my mind of the application of the Dream and it’s strong significance. In the Dream Jesus was standing beside a large body of water and was motioning to the crowds around, trying to get Their attention. Wanting to throw something at Jesus to attract his view, my dream sharer noticed Him looking toward them and was aware that He was looking him toward too. Then the embrace of His eyes captivated him and all of them.They were being invited into the body of water with Him and to be absorbed by the Waters of renewal by the Holy Spirit.

It convinced me that it symbolized an open invitation to all who want to walk with Jesus Christ and to be His Disciples, receiving the great Gift of Salvation and to Everlasting Life with Him in Heaven. Eternal Life is open to all who respond to the Gift of the Holy Spirit, which is to say, respond to Jesus Christ, the Lord of all Creation, God’s ony beotten Son, his Word of Power and love, His free gift to all seekers. This Great Gift, freely won for us as Jesus Christ suffered so cruelly in great agony to make it possible for all who positively respond, to be free of penalty of “the Sins that so easily enslave us, was paid for when Jesus, the only perfect Man who ever lived, died to Save all who respond and walk with Him in Obedience and the fulfilment of His Grace and Mercy. And the gift is there there for all succeeding generations who accept His invitation and say yes to Him, in Obedience and the Joy of our Salvation.

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