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March 11, 2014


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by Dick Hunt, Monday , March 10th, 2014.

First, I decided to respond to the twin motivations of nice weather and the needs to do what I can to help myself. I enjoyed the Coffee gathering in Fraserview Village, open to all who like people and want to spend time visiting in the Village Lounge, 930 Am for an hour or so. Then home to read two daily papers and study some favourite books. After lunch, I put two copies of a letter I wrote for public sharing in my carry bag and called a taxi to take them up-town. First to the News where I took one inside to the editorial desk for a kindly reception by the staff. Then I walked a number of blocks “with my essential friend, “my Walker”, to the Home Hardware to make some purchases. Then around the building to the Times Paper to hand the second copy of my Paper to their Editorial desk for an equally kindly response. Then called a tax1 to take me back home for a cup of tea and a snack. I picked up the mail at the entrance to my Strata.

Then I called a cab again to keep an appointment at the Hearing Clinic in the Library building at 4:15 Pm. There I was fitted with a new and advanced Hearing aid, for which I had previously been fitted, now providing “Cross Over Technology” to provide hearing from a microphone in my “dead ear’” to pick up sound and amplify it in my one “live ear”. I also have volume controls now on each side easily monitored by appropriate techniques. Now to master the controls for best results.

All of which was made possible by good weather , good technology, a good taxi service, kindly staff members and not being run over by hasty motorists. I only take credit for remembering my early upbringing, i.e., look both ways and give way. The big bonus was great fresh air and sunshine while I had great and not too vigorous exercise. Altogether a most satisfying day while providing my most humble thanks to Almighty God for His Grace and Mercy in my declining years. When I was first called by God in Christ to the Christian ministry, now sixty years ago, I could not have known how fully God would use me and more, how He would sustain me through all the “changes and chances of this busy life.”
My dearest wife of many years, Mother of our four children, now in the immediate care of the Lord with the Saints in heaven was my precious friend and mentor. God shepherded us in our mutual Ministry those many years. The lessons we learned so well from our Elders, Teachers, Parents, young Ministers faithfully preaching, teaching and modelling the Gospel message gave us a sound foundation of life to be lived amongst the people of God.
I have been most blessed to know down the years that what I learned in my young years and in the years following in the fellowship of the Church, through my training for Ministry in my College years and in all my years of teaching and preaching has required no unlearning, no adjusting to the times and pressures, but has been sustained by the standards of the Holy Bible, still God’s Word to the Nations. Jesus Christ is the same today and always, Saviour and Lord of all God’s People.


  1. Lovely to read and know that you’re still writing fabulous stories and getting around as best as possible. Off to Stettler on Friday to take Mom to the dentist. Will pass on your latest. Take care Dick! Love Nancy

    Comment by Nancy Newby — April 2, 2014 @ 8:53 pm

    • Dear Nancy; Thank you so much for your reply. It is so good that you are still there for we who love you. PLease give my love to your Mum and others who we both Love. God bless and keep you in His tender care. Dick.

      Comment by Dick Hunt's Blog — April 3, 2014 @ 2:02 pm

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