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March 6, 2014

A Great Gift And The Reason For It.

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A Great Gift And The Reason For It.
by Dick Hunt, Thursday, March 6 th, 2014.

In the modern world, it is not so usual to find that people will go the extra mile in dealing with the public. When it does happen and the media sees it, it sometimes brings a glowing report to the reading and viewing public and that is good. People are then held up as heroes for going the extra mile. Beyond the call of duty!

Being handicapped, wobbly on my feet, subject to loss of balance, I am often reminded of the generally considerate concern of most people. That didn’t stop me being especially grateful to our Postman recently who on a number of occasions has brought my mail right to the door, especially if some items are bulky or the weather is bad. I discovered his identity recently and was able to pass my thanks to him through an intermediary. And my friend gave me a hint to clue me to the reason for the very grateful extra help. Some years ago I had helped with the funeral of his lovely Grandmother, for whom he had great love, and for good reason. I also loved her and admired her for her great spirit and high standards and cheerfulness.

We are not always aware of the great influence we can exert by being kind, considerate, helpful, eager to assist others and just doing what everyone ought to do. It is universally true that it is better and happier to give than to receive, although much of the world has yet to get the message. People with a fierce desire for power over other people will not agree, as witness the news from parts of the middle east and south east Asia. But that should not deter us from loving those who choose to be our enemies. By heaping love on them we often win.

The greatest man who ever lived, Jesus Christ, Son of God our Creator, born of a very human Mother who has been praised for her humility and eagerness to please God, knew all about self giving. She responded to God’s message through an Angel that she would give birth to one who would be miraculously born as God’s own Son without benefit of a human father. And Jesus himself knew from an early age that his part in life was to give himself to the uttermost to open the Doors of Heaven and make possible to all who would respond to His Love, freely given to the last drop of His Love and Eternity in the Kingdom of God. The Church has always taught that the Bible is fully correct in sharing that the Good News is that our Loving God has acted positively, through His people, to provide the Way of Salvation through and only through His Son Jesus Christ.

And did Jesus die only for a portion of Humanity, or for all People? I stand firmly with the multitudes in every age who have staked their very lives on saying, “Jesus died for the Salvation of all people under heaven, to give life everlasting to all who turn to Him in Love, Penitence, Faith and Obedience.” Nothing may be added to that great offer, fully paid for, waiting for all of us to accept and share, until the day when Jesus will come again as He surely will, to judge all the world on a day still to be announced. On the day called “Good Friday”, the Penitent Thief, convicted to die for his own sins by the authorities was forgiven by Jesus, dieing beside him on the central Cross. If there is hope for that thief who only met Jesus shortly before, there is hope for any Penitent who turns to our Saviour and Lord. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead and lives forever to save the world from sin. Only believe, and you will see the Glory of God. Forever. With Jesus and all the Saints. Amen!

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