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February 2, 2014

Hunting Season; Bull Moose in Prairie Creek.

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by Dick Hunt, October 2nd, 2013.
Back in the early sixties in east central Alberta, my friend, Jack Armstrong,  and I decided to take a little break and go fishing.  We borrowed a small, home built camping trailer and drove west of Red Deer to an area called Rocky Mountain House and on to Prairie Creek which reputably yielded Rainbow Trout for the fly fishing fraternity. Arriving in the evening, we made supper over a campfire  and turned in for the night.  Next morning after a bit of breakfast we baited our hooks and began casting for trout. Not many minutes later, there was a splashing just in front of us and a large bull moose appeared just off the bank of the creek.  He shook his splendid rack of  Antlers, snorted and tried to see us, just in the thick trees in which we were standing. It is said that Moose are not good at seeing but are very good at sensing ones presence in other ways.  He knew we were there.  Jack and I chose a tree each which we were ready to climb to avoid an attack which appeared very imminent, when to our great relief the Moose turned and splashed away from us without looking back. On another occasion, Ruth and I were driving south of Prince George on the way back to Maple Ridge when a large Cow Moose suddenly came up out of the deep ditch on our left and skidded to a stop almost directly in front of us. The squeal of our tires had caused her to stop and I was able to pass in front of her with only spare inches between her nose and the ditch on our right. It all happened in a trice and left me shaky,but with a very grateful sense of  awe at the intervention of God who was looking after us. Praise God!
When we were living in Williams Lake for nine years, I had responsibility for the “Cariboo Lakes Mission” which included 100- Mile House, Canim Lakes and Bosk Mountain Mines. One of the families I worked wth had a young daughter who used to walk quite a distance to school when the weather permitted.  She recalled that on that back road she had been able to count up to 50 Moose on the way to and from school in one day.  She was probably in more danger from hunters in the fall than from the Moose. ( Is the plural of Moose, Meeces?).  This morning, a friend told me that her Husband and some friends had bagged a Moose on their trip west of Prince George and were bringing home a good supply of Moose Meat for the freezers.
I have mentioned in other stories that we used to supply board and room to a number of High School Teachers in Williams Lake. One Saturday in the fall, they decided to go Moose hunting and travelled east  to try their luck.  When they spotted a likely area, they decided to go their separate ways and gather again at a certain hour. One of their number was considered to be quite unable to shoot a Moose, even if he did see one and they laughed him off into his own choice of terrain.  At the “certain hour” they all met back at the site and found their “uncertain friend” sitting on a log with a big grin on his face.  He asked them where their moose was and they had to admit that they had not even seen one. Then he casually stood up and said, “Then you can help me to load mine on the trailer for the trip home”. He wore his grin for days. And gave us meat!

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