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January 18, 2014

Buckley’s Mixture. Flu Shot’s etc.

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Buckley’s Mixture. Flu Shot’s etc.
by Dick Hunt, January 18th, 2014.

During the second world war, when I was in Toronto, a friend of mine had a bad cold and was sneezing and coughing on the street corner. An elderly man approached him, pulled a medicine bottle from his pocket and gave it to him, saying it would help him. The man was Mr. Buckley. I think the potion did help. Today there are many products offered for sale and many prescriptions written to tempt potential buyers. One of my close friends had a flu shot one Friday afternoon some weeks ago and by morning he had a very sore throat, was breathing with great difficulty and could barely talk I invited him to my home and supplied him with a bottle containing food based elements which always works for me. They worked for him too . With no side effects. Not a drug. No prescriptions. Very soon he found relief..

About 25 years ago I had a bad case of Asthma, brought on by three years of living in a cedar cottage. I was using two inhalers four times a day and panicked if I ran out, being fully dependent on them to breathe. A friend on Vancouver Island phoned me one day to ask how I was coping with my Asthma and I shared my problem with him. He asked me if I use Alfalfa Tablets and I said yes. How many? Ten a day. He said “triple your intake and see what happens”. Now Alfalfa is not a drug, not medicine. It is food, as fed to farm animals. I took his advice and in five days I had no breathing problem. As long as I eat my Alfalfa, I have no trouble breathing. Furthermore, the Arthritis which had crippled my fingers and wrists for several years is no longer a problem. Many of my aches and pains have disappeared! What a great blessing Alfalfa has been to me. Pure food !

I have never tried any other brand of health care products for 38 years, since Ruth and I stopped searching for effective Nutitional products. That was when we found the brand that really worked for us.. Right up to her death in her ninety third year, I fed her good supplements and she was relatively healthy, suffering only from Alzheimer’s Disease.

The secret with Alfalfa Tablets is that the plants contain a powerful Anti Inflamatory Factor which stops the inflamation which causes pain and congestion. I have no doubt that the company I trust to supply all my products has done all the research necessary to constantly take care of our needs. This is the company I fully trust in my ninety fourth year and which has never let me down. They employ more PhD.scientists than all the other Nutritional companies combined. Ruth and I have toured their research facility in San Francisco and were awestruck at the passion and .care that was exercised by the staff. The same care is evident in the Production facility, which we also toured.

Some months ago, my family Doctor was concerned that I was losing some weight. I told him I burned little energy as I was confined to the house. But he decided I should have complete blood tests, so I duly supplied blood at the labs. They did 15 blood tests and ten days later the Doctor called me in again to give me the results.. He put them on the monitor and ran his finger down the list. The only word he used, 15 times, was “perfect”. He took my blood pressure and said,”perfect”. He listened to my heart and lungs and said, “Great, Just continue to use those supplements and you know where I am if you need me”.

I feel great. I am still writing many memories on my computer and sharing them widely in print and on the Internet. I hope to have them printed in their various categories. They are all true, non fiction and I want to share them with people who urge me to publish.

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