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December 16, 2013

Five Bushels Of Wheat. Twenty Bushels of Weeds.

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Five Bushels Of Wheat. Twenty Bushels of Weeds.
by Dick Hunt, Monday, December 16th, 2013.

In 1935 I was 15 years of age. In harvest time I was assigned a task which was challenging and unusual, during the time of threshing the grain. It was in the midst of the great depression of the nineteen thirty’s. The rain had been very spotty, as was usual during that Decade. But for some reason, there was a huge increase in the growth of a common weed, commonly called Pigweed, but more properly known to horticulturists as “Lambsquarters”. In it’s initial growth in the spring of the year, it was often used as a salad and was quite nutritious and tasty. But in 1935 conditions were such that the pigwweed truly flourished and outmatched the growth of the wheat, hands down. The consequence was that the Pigweed seeds piled up massively under the Threshing Machine being shaken out through the seives, while the somewhat shrivelled wheat grains went on into the grainery. Five Bushels of wheat per acre into the grainary. Twenty bushels of dusty weed seeds threatening to bury me as I tried to keep them from causing the machinery to being plugged up and put out of commission. Twelve hours a day. It was a matter of growing up or being buried. I am still here. I suffered no ill effects. I met the challenge. When I went on active service in 1942 off the west coast of B.C., the Staff Seargent asked me where I came from. I told him I had just arrived from the Number One Wireless School. “No, no, where were you born and raised” he said’ “Oh, on a cattle Ranch in Alberta”, I responded. He said, “Thank God, now we have someone here who can work”
So what’s the deal? Well, often in this troubled and fractured world, it seems that there are about four times as many wanderers passing through as there are citizens who are purposeful and hopeful along the way through their appointed years. That is a strong thought that forged itself into my mind last Sunday morning. The statistics are such that it is an unavoidable fact that there are about four to one in world society who have no identifiable Faith to live by. That is indicative of a steep slide in the numbers game during my lifetime. In the so called developed world, church buildings are being closed for lack of use and support, while the picture in much of the third world indicates a growing and glowing percentage of people are coming to a deep Faith in Jesus Christ and a strong Moral consciousness. And this, often in the midst of extreme hostiilty and violence from surrounding people. They have found a Faith to live for and to die for.
Some politicians and their staffs are telling us that we must not even voice our Faith in the midst of the world we inhabit. “Politically Correct” officials are telling us to”Cool it or suffer the consequences”. Yet there are many very successful citizens in all walks of life who “Let their lights so shine before men, that they may Glorify God”. And they do and that is what we are called to do, by the Creator and Sustainer of this vast Universe. This is the time of year when we may turn our life around and “embrace and ever hold fast, the Blessed Hope of Everlasting Life, through Jesus Christ”, born in such tender Humilty, to Make God the Father known in all His fulness, our only hope for Salvation, without whom we face only death without God.

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