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December 14, 2013

Whatever Became Of Tenderness?

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Whatever Became Of Tenderness?
by Dick Hunt, Saturday, December 14th, 2013
In a recent flurry of news reports, some from rather distant papers, a boy the age of six was sent home from school for kissing the hand of a small girl in school. The school authorities had decided the small boy was ‘sexually agressive’. Fortunately, the observant public responded and made it known the boy was not in error and only wanted to be a friend. The boy was invited back to school.
Today I read in a national Paper of an incident in Italy in which a young woman openly kissed a policeman on the cheek in an effort to express her desire to show her appreciation for his peace efforts in the midst of the populace. The public appauded somewhat, but the Police Union branded her action as ‘Sexual Aggression’ Again, apparently the public won that contest by coming aggressively to the aid of common sense and the Police Union backed off.
The most overworked and ill used word in the languages of the nations must surely be “sex’ and it’s derivatives. It is behind most of the scandal problems around the globe. It is the biggest best seller in the market place. Everything has to be “Sexy , be it jewelry or clothing or meals or cars or even toys. People are told they have to be openly and aggressively sexy to get ahead in life. Surely we live in a very sick society.
And in the midst of all the confusion, we read constantly of the pro’s and con’s of Abortion, Aids, ‘Safe Sex’, Homosexuality and all the wrinkles in between. But almost nothing of lifetime commitment and faithfuless.
I write from the background of having been the husband of one Wife for nearly 69 years in a most beautiful marrige, which only ended this year with her very peaceful passing from this world to the beyond perfection of Heaven. I write also from the vivid experience of having officiated at about a thousand Marriages,in my Ministry, all of which were preceeded by thorough counselling on ALL aspects of married life. The only couples I did not officiate for when asked, were the ones who would not sit down with me to talk seriously about how to be happy and successful in building their lives together- for life. To this day, many of the couples I have worked with in this most important step, tell me again and again how helpful our discussions have been.
Of course, sexual life is of prime importance to the blessings of marriage. And God arranged that blessing when he made the human race. One man and one woman in the sanctity of their home, be it a hovel, a tent or a mansion. And if it be possible, with children to nurture and love and train up for life in this often troubling and troubled world. Even the pleasant meals around the family table are all too often trashed by choices that divide families and eliminate the blessings that require time and sharing, together.
And there must not be wandering eyes and experimenting with other domiciles, nor is there any need or any chance of success in building a future that way. From the moment Ruth and I met and in the sight and presence of God, made our life together in Christian Marriage, we were in an unbroken trio with God & peace.

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