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December 10, 2013

Many Men On The Roofs With Shovels.

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Many Men On The Roofs With Shovels.
by Dick Hunt, Tuesday, December 10th, 2013.
No, we did not look like Jolly old Santa, ready to go down the chimney. We were up there to shovel 42 inches of heavy wet snow off the roofs to save them from collapsing under the weight. The Town was Campbell River on Vancouver Island and the month was January. No wheels were turning. Even the snow plows were idled. The only machines that were moving had caterpillar treads and blades on the front. Forty two inches is about chest deep to most people. We were being tested and we were also learning more about helping and looking after each other, to make sure they were O.K.
We survived and so did our neighbors and our roofs. We got better acquainted with each other. There is something about tough times that brings us together. So called good times push us apart. We may get to the point at which, unless we are aware of the dangers of trusting in our possessions, we can be blind to the needs of others, either next door or around the world. We need to test our desires and examine the old truth that, “it is more blessed (read, ‘happy’) to give than to receive. Almost all the advertizing, leading to frenzied shopping that seems to take total possession of multitudes at this time of the year is “Gimme-Gimme-Gimme”. Incidents of violence at sales events are not uncommon, as people grasp the items they want and push one another around. What on earth has happened to the ‘Spirit of the season?’ The true spirit of Christmas is that God loves us so much that He gave his Only Begotten Son that we might live to thank him.
Oh what a tender message came to the Shepherds on the hills around Bethlehem the night of Jesus’ Birth. Oh how silently the Saviour of all the world was born, to be nurtured by Mary His mother in a manger for His bed. Oh how unaware were the crowds who were in all the places for hospitality when they were there to be registered as taxpayers by King Herod’s orders. The Angels sang from Heaven and directed the Shepherds to the stable.The animals surrounded them. Wise men read the stars and came to Worship Him who was born to save the world from Sin. His pedigree was impeccable, for he was born by the power of the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary. Yes, you are correct in thinking that we are met with a great mystery in our search for the answers that elude us. God’s ways are much deeper than our ways and only when we commit our ways to Him is He willing and able to bring us into his Kingdom of everlasting Love and Peace and Joy, through Jesus Christ, His Son.
Now, what has all this to do with snow on the roofs? God will go to great lengths to get our attention! In the process He has taken great risk by giving to the human race freedom to choose our way and make our mistakes. In the process, He holds out to us all, the opportunity to read His book, the Bible, written by Prophets who were open to what God said to them over many centuries by His Spirit. Then when that once only great Gift came to the world in the Birth of Jesus in the region of Bethlehem, there appeared the One who would be the perfect Image of his Father. If you want to know the Father, come to Jesus the Son, who died to give the gift of Life Everlasting.

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