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October 19, 2013

“It Didn’t Matter To Them So It Was Not Important.”

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by Dick Hunt, Thursday, October 17th.2013.

I have written recently to share an account of a youth work and study weekend at a summer camp south west of Calgary in May of 1958.  There were 45  youth from 15 to 20 years of age attending and I had a staff of four adults to help me. Our agenda was to dismantle the old camp buildings infested with Carpenter Ants, which dated from the second world war and to engage in Bible Study and Worship fellowship at regular intervals, under my leadership.   Most of the young people were  there to learn and share the Christian Faith with the exception of five young fellows who openly said they were there to cause dissention.

christ church Millarville alberta

But we proceedeed as planned with good progress and the attitude of the young people was positive for the most part. I was teaching progressively the passage from St. Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians, chapter six for the Bible Study and the Book of Common Prayer for the worship sessions. What was left standing of the Kitchen and dining area served for our food preparation with lot’s of volunteers and we had no difficulty with unsuitable behaviour between boys and girls. For the evening Bible studies we had a log Campfire circle beside the Sheep River at full spring flood. During the first evening study a lovely and artistic young Chinese girl, jumped up from her log and leaped and danced around the Campfire, saying, I’m free, I’m free, I’m free from Sin. And she was a Budhist. She had met Jesus!

That was a turning point in the weekend. The work proceeded well.  On the Sunday afternoon, we had the use of an old log Church (picture above)  near the camp for a Communion Service. I had never been in that Church before, but was instantly struck by a black silk banner across the space before the Altar, with the Words, “I Am Thy Shield and Exceeding Great Reward” (Genesis 15:1) in Gold Print. I immediately scrapped the sermon I had prepared and God gave me a new one, based on the words on the banner. Out of that service there were 17 young people who committed their lives to Christ as Saviour, three of whom trained for the Ministry and were ordained.  All five of the mischief makers came to Christ.  The girl who was so thrilled to know her sins were taken away was enthralled and had come from my home Parish with seven others. My friend Alex who drove four of the kids from our home Parish with the intention of going fishing,  never wet a fly and helped us all weekend, saying, “that is the best thing I ever did!” When we arrived home in the evening, all eight of our youth decided to go in the Church and thank God for the blessing they had received before going home to their parents.  Then when they got home some parents poured cold water on their enthusiasm, saying, “oh ya’, we have seen this happen before.  You will get over it”.  And some of them did, one of them to the extent of making a bad marriage and taking her own life. So sad!  Just when they  should have rejoiced, some totally failed in their role as parents. New Christians need gentle and loving care to nurture them in their new life. That is the great strength of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Follow up.

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