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October 15, 2013

What Makes This Day Special, Even Memorable?

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What Makes This Day Special, Even Memorable?
by Dick Hunt, Monday, October 14th, 2013.

It is Thanksgiving Day. It is the day that we had turkey and all the trimmings with some family people around the table with us. As for me and by the circumstances of the natural functions of family growth, a significant number of dear Children, Spouses, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and In-Laws are dear to us all. And it is also and very importantly for me, the 69th Anniversary of the day when Ruth Brandon and Dick Hunt pledged our lifelong allegiance and precious minutes, days, months years and decades to each other, “in the Presence of God and of the Congregation in St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Calgary at eight o’clock in the evening on a Saturday 1944. The officiating Priest was Edward (Ted) Maddocks, a Prince among men who became our Mentor and fast friend.

We caught a late train to Banff, were met by prior arrangement by taxi and to a Motel where, very tired, we tumbled into bed for a good night sleep. In the morning, we walked to “St. George’s in the Pines” Anglican Church where we had our Communion, then to the Motel for breakfast. Having met a fine Lady after the service who operated a Motel, we changed Motels for our lovely five day stay in that lovely sunny Autumn atmosphere, just thanking God for bringing us together in such harmony and adoration for what has been a marvellous marriage for very nearly 69 years. God be Thanked and Praised.
Only now, I do not have the physical presence of the Girl of my constant delight. But I have the memories of the marvellous experience of our time together, through the adventures of raising four Children, of being a part of the nurturing of more than a dozen Grandchildren, great Grandchildren and a number of “significant others”.We met during my time in the R.C.A.F. in Calgary in the closing days of 1943 when I read a sign in my Station which said Service personell were welcome to attend social evenings at St. Stephen’s Church on Mondays, and I rode the street cars and buses to attend. The girl at the door welcomed me and she was so lovely! We danced together to “Life In The Finland Woods” and the Blue Danube Waltz and it was, quite literally, love at first sight. We walked many miles together on the evenings when I was free of Air Force duties and never kissed or embraced until the magic evening when we realized we were deeply in love. We became engaged on April first , 1944, a leap year. We went by bus to the Ranch where I was born and raised that spring on a weekend when I had a brief leave of absence, and my family welcomed Ruth as the soon to be second Ruth Hunt in the family. We were married on October 14th and for a few months lived on in Calgary until I was honourably discharged to go back into Agriculture. For several years Ruth was a Ranchers wife and full member of the clan. Then in 1953 I became a Lay Reader in our Church and Community, then studied for the Ministry and was Ordained in 1957. And Ruth was my dedicated and lovely sweetheart all her days, to March 27th this year when she went home to be with the Lord.


  1. Dear Dick,

    Thank you for the “Special Day” review. We enjoyed reading it.

    You may remember that October 14th is also our wedding day – and it was a multiple special day yesterday – 30 years ago. Rita and I were sitting on the left side of the pews at St. Andrews in Campbell River, you and Ruth were on the right side. Rita and I were married through Nick Parker, Ruth and you re-confirmed your vows. We then had a reception at the church hall next door with many friends attending and we all celebrated together in harmony. This was all the very positive part.

    But there were more difficult things happening during that special night also: When Rita, the children and I went to bed after the celebration, I got into pain so massively that Rita somehow got me into the car at 3am and rushed me to the hospital with MD John Depuis speeding into the emergency ward to help find out what the matter was. It was soon detected that my appendix was performated and I needed an immediate operation. There was a big mess in my belly and, luckily, I was not somewhere out in the bush when this happened. I later needed a second operation too as peritonitis kept creating problems. The same morning at the hospital, Thomas, who would have been 3 yrs old at the time, was brought into the emergency ward also – he broke his leg just before the wedding ceremony, while we thought he was just “bruised”. He toughed it out, probably realizing that this was an important event and that it was early enough to really complain about his pains in the morning. No wonder he sat still throughout the evening and did not want to move a bit. They put a cast on his leg and we were two pretty beaten chaps by the close of day. The final outcome was, as we know, a happy one and we were well taken care of “from above” and by hospital staff, including by the late John Depuis who cared a great deal.

    Kind regards,

    Heinz and Rita

    Von meinem iPad gesendet


    Comment by Heinz Eggenberger — October 15, 2013 @ 12:18 pm

  2. Hi Dick,
    Just happened to be surfing the Internet and came upon some of your blogs. We’re so sorry to learn that you lost your precious Ruth in March. How you must miss her!
    Sending you love and prayers. Take care. Love Nancy
    P.S. our email was changed nearly a year ago

    Comment by Nancy Newby — November 22, 2013 @ 10:22 pm

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