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October 7, 2013

Doing Well While Doing Good.

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Doing Well While Doing Good.
by Dick Hunt, 7:30 PM, October 6th, 2013.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Shaklee Meeting in Surrey, with a good sized group of eager people.  We were eager because we knew we are associated with  a happy meeting room full of people who over the years have been engaged deeply in helping people to get a grip on caring for our health and the health  of the Planet while at the same time teaching others to do the same. Shaklee Corporation began with Dr. Horace C. Shaklee in 1915 when the Chiropactor developed his first Multi Vitamin- Multi Mineral  product which he called “Vitalized Minerals”, for the use of his patients. Shaklee has never looked back. To this day the Shaklee Nutritional Scientists  have continued to develop ever increasing, top of the line, natural based nutritional  products that are the worlds’ best, safest, most effective  and trusted.  Ruth and I were first introduced to Shaklee by Gordy and Joan Gibbs in 1978 when Shaklee first moved into Canada,  From trying to improve our health with over the counter products for years, with no marked improvement, to being energetic, healthy and vitallly alive,  we have bent our efforts to sharing the great gift of optimum health, a clean environment  and significant increase in our income. Can you envision an opportunity to have your own business with a small investment, while helping others to do the same, with all the help you need, to reach a six figure income in the first 12 months?  Many are doing just that and helping others to do the same. At Saturdays meeting we were with people who were sharing great opportunity!
There were many Chinese people there, very keen and healthy.  I sat beside one lady who I thought was about 25 years of age, very healthy and excited. It turned out that she was fifty years of age!  The chief speaker of the day was Chinese – Les Wong who is employed by Shaklee in San Francisco Head Office.  A brilliant Nutritonal Scientist, he shared his knowledge with us for two hours, in terms we were fully able to understand. Shaklee is now actively engaged in The U.S.A,  Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and  Indonesia and most of that growth has occured in the past six years under the Direction and management of  Roger Barnett, the Owner and C.E.O..  He is a brilliant, caring leader, who  after deep research bought Shaklee as the company which could provide the most help to the most people and the world for the least investment, through sharing. Everyone who cares to look at the Shaklee Opportunity and begin to use the excellent products and share them with family, friends, neighbors and new friends can easily develop a business which will be shareable, duplicatable, in which all in each group share the benefits at their own pace. I know of no other opportunity in which we may always do well by doing good, other than walking with God and I am certain that Shaklee is a way of serving God in a very loving and effective fellowship of giving people.  Great personal health is achievable to Shaklee people, as is a much healthier environment, non toxic homes, and inevitably, an immense improvement in the Health of each nation in which Shaklee is given the attention it deserves.  Yours for better health and eager people.

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