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October 7, 2013

A Small Farming Community That Worked Together.

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A Small Farming Community That Worked Together.
by Dick Hunt, Sunday, October 6th, 2013.
While studying for the Ministry in 1956, I had the privilege of Driving a senior Priest in the Diocese of Saskatoon to Rosthern, Wynyard and Duck Lake,  to take services in the area.  He had ministered there years before and knew the history of the area intimately.  I lapped up his words and stories and he showed me exactly where the battles with the Meti at Duck Lake took place. When we arrived at Wynyard,  I was introduced to a congregation who were that day celebrating the opening of their new Church Building. In fact, the previous one had burned down just a month before.  In the ensuing month, they had cleared away the rubble, designed their new building,  raised the cost of materials, paid for them and the new furnishings and were ready to participate in the Blessing of the new Building. The Rev.d Canon Fife was there to lead them through the service. What joy and gladness and praise for God swelled from their lips as they thanked God for leading them and showing them where they could find all the resources they needed.  This in the midst of their very busy days looking after their farms and families.  I have never seen  more unity of  purpose and of faith in God since that day so long ago. I am reminded of a small incident in a story of another congregation. A Minister said, “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is we need $3,000 to repair the leaky roof.  The good news is that we have the money we need.  It is in your pockets.  What are we waiting for?”
We talk endlessly about Unity and Sharing and being the Family of God.  We talk about Community and being generous and compassionate and supportive.  But people of that little farm Community in Wynyard Saskatchewan sets a standard that I have never seen equalled. What set them apart in my experience was that they had been led to believe that everything we are and everything we hope to be is rooted in belief that all creation belongs to God our Creator and Sustainer and Father and that we are responsible for for being good stewards of  that with which we have been entrusted.  That includes our minds and souls and bodies as well as our homes and communities and levels of Government and the right and duty to vote, and it may be, let our names stand for public service.
I believe that what holds people back is two fold.  One is that we lack trust in the Living God to lead us in the right direction. There are of course many pressures to follow this or that route to “reality”.  I receive many ‘urgent requests  for cash’ every week.  But when we need  to have real guidance, from the best source of all; we need to listen to God who knows all about us and about this Planet and the Universe which He has made. He knows our own needs, resources and skills and what He can do with us if he really has our attention.  What else He needs is our personal commitment to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, to be His front line troops to lead the way and set the pace and show the world the meaning of Faith and Joy and Gladness where it really counts, wherever He points the way.  We need to come alive in Him, by His Spirit.

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