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September 9, 2013

What A Lovely Day This Has Been.

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What A Lovely Day This Has Been.
by Dick Hunt, September 8th, 2013.

But not all people have enjoyed the peace and love and caring that we have been able to share together. The world is for many a very dangerous and threatening place. In so many places, people with the same longings for safety and caring and sharing is not normal at all. The world is in a paroxism of fear and hunger and agony for many millions of people. We are the favoured ones, here on the North American Continent, enjoying a measure of safety and comfort denied many of the people of this tortured planet. Christians and Jews in so many lands are being slaughtered simply because they are Christians and Jews and cannot escape into regions of peace and security. And in many countries, many Islamists are intent on wiping out those who disagree with their particular brand of Islam.

It is with deep sorrow that I feel I must share the pain of multitudes of people who are caught in the web of hatred and greed and frightful anger that causes people to destroy one another in such aweful ways. But we cannot ignore what is going on and we need to first of all be thankful to God for the peace that we sometimes take for granted as if we deserve to be so deeply loved. And secondly we need to pray for Peace in the rest of the world, from our hearts.
It was so happy a day to be able to be guests of Wendy and visit with so many old friends in the Village we are priviledged to call home. We were welcomed so warmly and able to share great memories and make new friends and catch up on personal activities. We are so deeply blessed by being together to share and care and renew our love for each other. It was so good to see Gerry and Anna Spinney again and so many others who have made our lives so richly precious in this great village we have called home. We were royally fed and cared for and spoiled by the love we soaked up. Thank you Wendy and friends.

What blessings we are able to enjoy and then share with our friends, back and forth. There are so many privileges for us to enjoy and share and mainly in great safety compared with much of the world. Over the years, Ruth and I were able to travel and see a good part of the world and we always felt greatly blessed to be able to do so. Even the Mediteranean region, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, most of Europe. To China, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii most of North America from the Arctic to Mexico. What a great delight it was to share so much together. And now Ruth got Home before me. God be praised.

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