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August 20, 2013

A Birthday Party And A Trio of Visitors.

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A Birthday Party And A Trio of Visitors.
by Dick Hunt, Monday August 19th, 2013.

I went to a birthday party across the lane last Saturday afternoon and it was very pleasant. Then at 3:30 I had three visitors from White Rock. We were very good friends with two of them on Mayne Island. They sold our property there for us when we moved here. They brought along a 94 year old man who used to to be an active member of St. Mary’s Church, Sapperton and we really hit it off. We talked Shaklee constantly while they were here and Donna is going to self Sponsor them on Monday, when they are home. We sponsored them years ago but they didn’t follow it up. This time they really will, as they have now brought with them their pains and aches and declining health. Just one of the pains is arthritis and I was able to show them that Alfalfa tablets, (Shaklee Brand) contains a very strong natural Anti Inflamatory ingredient. They also know that our Cedar Cottage on Mayne Island caused my severe Asthma problem and necesitated my use of 2 inhalers, four times a day when we moved here. Alfalfa Tablets (Shaklee) quickly healed me of both those problems. I have not needed inhalers at all now for more than 20 years and my Arthritis in my hands and wrists is no longer a problem at all. (I am 93 years of age.)

I had a ride home from Church yesterday with a good friend and he had just read my recent story of our visit to Nashville and the meeting there of five thousand Shaklee members from seven countries. That sparked his attention and he revealed that he was vitally interested in improving his health and also his income. He stayed awhile when we arrived at my suite and we talked a good deal about how he could accomplish better health.

I led him through the Shaklee Catalogue and answered his many questions. I also showed him how he could improve his shaky income, while helping his friends and soon to be friends to do the same. The Shaklee marketing plan makes it impossible to produce a competitor because all work together and if someone does not share the opportunity, he/she just fails to accomplish the goals they set for themsleves and they quit. In Nashville, it quickly caught my attention that at least 2 thirds of the attendees (around 5,000 people were there) were women and most of them relatively young, very healthy and eager to share their great success with Shaklee. And they were so friendly and positive. I was the eldest active Shaklee Member there and they showered me with good will and Birthday wishes. My son Tim and his wife Elaine looked after me wonderfully well in the midst of all the full time activity.

There was never a dull moment. It was a total learning experience. So now we want to share what we have learned with anyone who is looking for new light near the end of their tunnel or their life, or their inability to feel the best they can be. That has not been a new thing for me. Along with Ruth and the many friends we have enjoyed over the years, that has always been our motivation and goal. The big and impressive difference is the many marvelous and fully effective and safe additions to the Product line over the years. And the ever improving marketing plan which makes it possible for more and more people to build a personal Business and help many others to do the same. Shaklee does the book keeping, transfers the monthly Bonuses earned, electronically to our account and keeps us right up to date on all the new opportunities and data that keep us reaching out to others. What a marvelous Company!

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