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August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013 How To Share What we Believe In.

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How To Share What we Believe In.
by Dick Hunt, August 12th, 2013.
I listen. I ask questions. When something clicks between me and my one on ones in conversations, I share what I have found to be of great value in Shaklee products which would be the answer to the needs of my friends. For example, this morning I was visiting with a man around 50 years of age and that gave us a base topic to chew on. In the course of time he said, he was trying to find a way of boosting his energy level. I told him of the trips Ruth and I had made over the years to visit family and friends in Alberta where we were both born and raised. Over 40 years, either by Motor Home or by car, we made the trip twice a year, that is 80 round trips. From 1978 to about six years ago when Ruth’s Alzheimer’s intervened, we left home around six AM having had a breakfast of Shaklee Soy Protein in milk and our ever growing options of the many Shaklee Nutritional supplements being developed year after year. We carried water, coffee, sandwiches and stopped only for gasoline and natures calls’, with me at the wheel for up to 11 hours. We arrived with energy to spare in every case, to enable us to visit with the folks northwest of Calgary, before bedtime. The same coming home.

Shaklee Soy Protein provides energy for long periods of time and levels our blood sugar throughout the day so we don’t suffer highs and lows. It is easy to assimilate into our blood stream and the Shaklee brand easily eclipses all other brands for purity, bioavailability, natures balance and complete protein for all our cells.
I have no doubt whatsoever that after the grueling tests we have given Shaklee products over the years, with never a glitch or disappointment, we are right in our determination to share them with full confidence as widely as possible. I know of no better way to promote optimum health, vigor and lasting energy than with Shaklee products and consistent use. For example, Shaklee “Mental Acuity Tablets” undoubtedly stimulate my ability to recall details to include in my stories, going back many years and with great detail. I have lost count of the number of two page stories, letter size and close typed I have in my data bank and blog, but they number over two thousand. And more each week.

My blood tests reveal perfection on every test, as do blood pressure, cholesterol, pulse, heart beat, lungs, to my Doctors’ full approval. His comment to me is, “keep on using Shaklee Supplements and you know where I am if you need me”. I celebrated my 93rd birthday on August 4th, in Nashville Tennessee, at the Shaklee International Convention with thousands of happy, healthy Shaklee members present. I am not on any Medical Prescriptions. I pay my dues for the National Health plan, even pay taxes on my supplements but cost the Government next to nothing. Shaklee cleaning products are wonderfully kind to the environment and to the health of all people who use them in their daily lives. Nothing beats a toxic free home and putting the right stuff in our mouths day by day. And there is a great way to earn a significant income while sharing Shaklee for the benefit of all who give it a try.

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