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August 9, 2013

May 30, 2013 A Friend With An Ancient Car And No Motor.

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A Friend With An Ancient Car And No Motor.
by Dick Hunt, May 30th, 2013.
The car is a very early Oldsmobile, probably 1903 and belongs to Dave, a friend of mine who lives in Campbell River.  He is a top mechanic and has great interest in restoring old cars. His workshop is under the house and at one time I remember seeing seven ancient cars there in various states of repair.  But, back to the Oldsmobile. Dave was in Cowichan Bay one day, on the dock where the Sawmill was located and engaged in conversation with an old timer who was sitting there. The talk got around to old cars and the old timer was interested.  He revealed that he had once owned the Mill and had sold it years before.  Dave talked to him about the Oldsmobile and said it was being restored but lacking a Motor which he had not been able to locate. The old chap said he knew where there was one near at hand. Dave asked him where and he said, “right off the end of the Dock there”. He then explained that when he had owned the mill he had powered a compressor with it. He related that the new owner could never keep the motor working and finally threw it in the salt water off the Dock.  Dave asked some more questions and finally hired a diver to see if he could locate it.  That resulted in a great success story.  The motor was located, hoisted onto the Dock, examined and proved to be little the worse for having being immersed for so long in the mud. Dave hauled it home, painstakingly worked on it to bring it back to life and in due course, as I recall, it again powered the old Oldsmobile. That was a major undertaking but Dave is a man not easily deterred by difficulties.

For years he was the Assistant Fire Chief in the town, the patient, everybodies friend, source of information about anything mechanical.  His lovely wife Rosemary  was the Organist at St. Peter’s Church for years.In fact her Father had been the esteemed Rector of St Peter’s for some years and his wife was a dear and lovely person and supporter of all the Parishioners. Dave’s sister is married to a Anglican Priest, now retired. I  love them all dearly.One of Dave’s gifts,  generously shared with married Couples was to supply an ancient car to carry the Bride, her father and attendants to the Church and afterward on a roundabout way to the place of the Reception.Dave and Rosemary often took part in Antique Car Rally’s in various parts of the world, even as far away as England as I recall and most often in the United States and Canada.  And there is nothing so encouraging as to have your best mechanic along in case of car trouble.I have not seen the Oldsmobile in action.  The last time I saw it, it was still in the Workshop under the house.  I also recall that there was a Stanley Steam Car in the collection, Model T Fords, a McLaughlin Buick (this one very popular for weddings) and various other cars as well. Dave also collected and repaired Motorbikes and no doubt other mechanical “Patients” that were on the sidelines, like “Ancient Mariners”, too tired to function without a lot of tender loving care.  I was always  greatly intrigued with my visits to Dave and Rosemary’s Home and I love them still.

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