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August 9, 2013

May 20, 2013 Real Bread??????

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Real Bread??????
By Dick Hunt, Monday, May 20th, 2013.
Some years ago I read an account of  a large company of hikers, making their way together through the Forests of the Basque region in Spain, thoroughly enjoying the spring weather and the fellowship of being together.  They travelled with tents and purchased provisions along the way. Chief among their foods was included whole grain bread, made by the bakeries of the various small communities they passed through. They were a healthy vigorous group and very happy together.

Contrast that adventure with a report, current at the same time and relatively near at hand, of an incident which occurred at the American Army base  near Gibraltar, of the landing of a large transport jet aircraft, stuffed to the utmost wth sliced white bread, made from bleached white flour, to enable the Troups to know what ‘REAL BREAD IS.’ All the life giving ingredients had been removed from the flour before it is made into bread;  What we all know as Bran – What many  people may not know thre Wheat Germ being the life giving, vital core of renewal and ability in the whole grain to sprout and produce crops, had been removed.  The flour consisted almost solely of starch

Here is a relevant story.  A man was walking along Georgia Street in Vancouver one evening when he was held up by a man with a gun. The man demanded he remove his suit, shoes shirt etc. as he wanted them for himself.  Then he felt sorry for the man and gave him back his tie, saying, ‘there, you are enriched’. That is what it is like to remove all the goodness from flour and then sprinkle in some  enriching content.
I grew up on a Cattle Ranch in east central Alberta. We grew crops on about 2500 acres of land – wheat, oats, barley and flax.  Much of the grain was fed to the livestock .  We hauled our high grade wheat to a grist mill  to have it processed into flour and we brought it back in 100 pound sacks  for storage in an attic  for aging. All the Bran and wheat germ etc. came back too and was used in our bread.  It would he hard to imagine anything so delicious as the aroma of home-made bread baking in the kitchen.  Mother made huge batches of whole grain bread every week in the process of feeding up to 20 people  a day with large appetites, family and Ranch hands.

Breakfast normally consisted of Oatmeal Porridge, home cured bacon or sausages, eggs, pancakes, toast etc. Hot dinner was at noon with roast beef, potatoes and  vegetables grown in our own garden and prepared fresh and mature each day. We preserved root vegetables, cabbage etc in root cellars for winter. We worked very hard, burned a good deal of energy and were always healthy, hardly knowing what illness was. Supper at the end of 12 hour work days was always adequate and we slept like logs.  We arose with the dawn, and after looking after the livestock, milking the cows etc. went cheerfully to work, taking real pleasure in our employment in the great outdoors. The rising sun in the morning and the setting sun at the end of the day, gently regulated our lives. We didn’t learn to play. School in our one room school pitted us in competition one with another with ten grades in one room with 36 pupils and one young teacher.  That left little time to play and the younger pupils learned ‘ahead’ to some degree as we listened to the teaching of the older pupils. I have nothing but praise for those young women teachers.

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