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August 9, 2013

May 17, 2013 Oh, What A Fall; In The Spring.

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Oh, What A Fall; In The Spring.
by Dick Hunt, May 17th, 2013.
Well, I am home and home never felt better. I fell while reaching for my walker in St. John’s Church on a Wesnesday morning, the walker being out of my reach. I was wheeled off to the Hospital , X Rayed, bundled into a bed for a twenty day stay. Fortnately I didn’t suffer a fracture but deep soft tissue damage which is very painful and takes a long time to heal. I thank God that I didn’t suffer anything worse. I was given a good deal of Occupational Therapy designed to return me to reasonably mobile activity and for that I am very grateful. I am now back to home care with assistance morning and evening  from Fraser Health Home Care, courtesy of Veterans Affairs.

I am grateful for the many visitors who came to cheer me while I was in Hospital; you are too many to thank individually, but rest assurred you are all precious to me.  My family too gave me every help they could in the circumstances of their daily life, knowing that I was being cared for in Hospital. I have received stacks of get well cards and assurance of Prayers for healing. Thank you all, individuals and groups who cheered me greatly. I received Pastoral Visits from St. John’s Church staff and again I am grateful.  I was able to spend prime time reading and studying in depth  the contents of the Anglican “Book of Common Prayer” of which in it’s 780 pages covering all the ancient Services and aids to Worship and Praise is a full 80% straight from the Hebrew/Christian Bible. I also read deeply in a new book, “The Book of Common Prayer, Past, Present and Future”, an excellent study comprised of 15 Essays by fine Scholars  to Celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the B. C. P.
And what is next?  I look forward with keen anticipation to be able to return to Worship in my Church, in the warm fellowship  in which I have been nurtured for nearly 93 years without halting or fail. And for the New Reformation based on  Biblical Renewal to which I pledge my earnest support and prayers in this age of broken dreams, loss of Faith, Moral depravity gone berserk and terror being visited upon innocent people throughout the Planet. About 65 years ago when I was still immersed in Agriculture I was sharing  a meal with  neighbours when the husband voiced his criticism of the Christian faith as “having been a failure which never worked”.  I said “Charlie, it is not that it hasn’t worked, it hasn’t been lived”. He was not convinced and he never tried it on for results.

For far too long, many leaders in the Churches have tried to woo the public into the Faith by seeking to erase the differences between the opinions of society and the beliefs of the Church.  The results have been dismal and destructive. The Church of the ages teaches that there is one God, the Father and Creator of all that is; one Saviour, Jesus his Son and one Holy Spirit  who empowers and teaches the people who turn to Him in Faith and Obedience. And why NOT turn in Faith and Obedience to the GOD of all creation. His Son Jesus who loves all of us humans so deeply, He willingly suffered cruel death on a Cross , bearing all the worlds sins on his own shoulders, ‘though He himself never sinned. Sealed in a stone tomb in his death, God raised him from the dead on the third day, the first Easter Sunday. And so we are assured He lives forever, having defeated Sin on the Cross and Death itself in His rising from the dead. Only believe and you will know the Power of God. HIS LOVE FOR US IS FOREVER.

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