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August 9, 2013

March 20, 2013 Does God Change His Mind?

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Does God Change His Mind?
by Dick Hunt, March 20th, 2013.
“And God decided He would not utterly destroy His people.”Why? Because they repented of their sin and blasphemy and rebellion and returned to Him and worshiped Him. God does not want anyone to suffer but that that we should turn from our wickedness and live. Years ago, Ruth and I toured North America in our little Motor Home and one of the places we visisited was Truro, Nova Scotia.  As we parked our vehicle near a Tourist Bureau, I glanced across the street and saw a familiar name on a hugh red brick building. ‘STANFIELD garment factory’. I had been using Stanfield products then for a number of years and was very loyal to the brand. Why? Because I never had reason for any regrets  with their products.  I was alo greatly impressed with Robert Stanfield, a prominent member of the family.  He was sometimes dubbed, “the best Prime Minister Canada never had”

We made enquiry at the Tourist Office as to whether it might be possible to tour the Factory.  It was just about noon.  They phoned for us and the manager asked who wanted a tour. Upon learning that people from Alberta were asking, he responded that they had never had a request before, but ask them to come to the front parking lot at one o’clock and he would meet us there.  We were met by a very friendly member of the Stanfield family and taken on a very impressive tour of all six floors of the factory where 8oo employees were happily at work.
He knew every employee by first name and we were very moved by the atmospherre of trust and co-operation that dominated the place.  I asked what the firm did with “factory seconds”, that being garments that did not meet their high standards of perfection. He said, oh we never put them on the market at all.  They all back  in the recycle and are re-manufactured. I asked  if they had difficulty coping with the competiters in the marketplace.  He said that we just continue to make the best products possible.

Now, that is a picture of what God, our Father and Creator and Provider desires for His whole creation. He wants us all to be perfect.  The only man who is perfect is Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Saviour and Redeemer. He not only shows the Father in His perfection, Wisdom, His Love everlasting but the plan of Salvation provided by our Saviour and Lord, to bring us to the Father and the life that is the hope of every person who accepts Him as the only way to perfection, Salvation through the Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascention of Jesus.  No ‘factory seconds’.
When we say yes to God through His Son Jesus, who came to make Him fully known to us, we are on the road to the Kingdom of God where perfection through the Victory of Jesus on the Cross is made available to all who respond to our calling to “Come Home, make no delay”. Do not be led  to believe there is a “seconds bin!” where we can be made over in heaven. Our yes to the blessings of Salvation through the willing Sacrifice of Christ on that awful Cross where sin and death have been forever  beaten for all who believe and say “YES, Jesus, I want to follow you forever.”

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