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August 9, 2013

June 5, 2013 Confirmation of Adults and/or Youth.

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Confirmation of Adults and/or Youth.
by Dick Hunt, June 5th, 2013.
Soon after I moved with Ruth to Maple Ridge,  we became aware that Confirmation  of persons seeking to deepen and Confirm their Christian Faith in public was becoming  rare in New Westminster Diocese. Furthermore, official practice and policy was that Confirmations occurred only in the Cathedral, which necessitated a trip to Vancouver for people of the home parishes of the Candidates to participate. I was not amused at that practice and until last Sunday had not been able to take part in a Confirmation Service for over 20 years. Then I went to Saint Matthews, Abbotsford  where 8 adults were Confirmed in the midst of the Congregation and what a great privilege it was to be able to support the Candidates.

I have been Ordained since Ascensiontide, 1957 and was actively in charge of Parishes, first in Saskatoon Diocese as a Student and Lay Reader  in 1956 and 1957 until April of  1985, when I retired in Maple Ridge, B.C.  I cannot remember a single year when I did not present a lively, hope filled , well taught  class of teen agers and adults for Confirmation.  Most years the number confirmed at the hands of the Diocesan Bishop in each Parish in which I served numbered from 14 to 18 persons. I always taught using the Book of Common Prayer , including the most helpful and useful Catechism as the basis of study.  It is noteworthy that a great number of the people I presented are still active worshippers and leaders in the Parishes in which I served and happy and fulfilled in their service.
I have been very ticked off to have read in the notices of numbers of Parishes in New Westminster Diocese that “The Annual Confirmation at the Cathedral will be such and such a date and if you want to be Confirmed, add your name to the list quickly.”  The due date is often very soon after the announcement, not leavimg any time for preparation. My Confirmation at the age of 14 in a class of 13 teen agers in a small country Church in Alberta at least required of us that we memorize the Catechism, the Lord’s Prayer, the Creeds and be active in Worship thereafter. I am sure that we all remained active in the Church as I ministered in the same area , first as a Lay Reader and then as a Deacon and Priest for nine years.

I have sought to be useful still in teaching Ministry in Parishes in this Diocese  for the past 25 years but have for the most part been considered a nuisance or a menace to the local Rectors, except when they needed me to fill in when they needed time off. I have however continued to hold Bishops Licence to assist in Parishes in which I have often been invited to serve. I filled in for most of a year in St. Thomas’ Chilliwack, the Community Church in Cultus Lake for nearly a year, in St. George’s MapleRidge as interim Priest for nine months and often up and down the Fraser Valley, in Coquitlam, New Westminster and Burnaby and had a warm association with the Rectors and people. My calling as a mature person at the age of 33, first as a very active Lay Reader, then a Deacon and the same year a Priest in Alberta has been consistently to teach and preach the Gospel to the utmost of my ability. Praise God.

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