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August 9, 2013

June 18, 2013 Just Because I Couldn’t See It, Was It Not There?

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Just Because I Couldn’t See It,  Was It Not There?
by Dick Hunt, June 17th, 2013.

I have just been to Holirood Manor to visit staff and family visitors. I still go there to share my stories and I frequently come away with another story that I want to share. People who are responsible for investigating accidents and violent behaviour results have told me that witnesses often see very different information from what they remember.  That is why it often takes hours, days or months to examine the evidence and arrive at conclusions.

Today I was impressed at the beauty of the deciduous trees with the copious leaves, showing the passage of air currents, which I could not see at all.  But because I have seen the same scenes from my earliest days on earth, I know that the passage of air causes the leaves to move and sometimes the very boughs of the trees to thrash wildly about. That is the commonplace scene that Jesus had in mind when He was visited by Nicodemas, the member of the Pharisee group, late at night so that he would not raise the ire of the rest of his fellows. But he came to Jesus with a very real hunger to find an answer to his question, which was, “where do you get the authority and power to do the things you do?” He was not trying to trap Jesus as so many have done down the ages.  So Jesus gave him a straight answer (as He has always done with straight questions) and Nicodemas presumably responded by following Jesus (John 3:1 – 21). But the question and answer are for everyone, for our future enlightenment.
Jesus very often in His teachings used what was commonplace for his listeners as examples (parables) to get the point across.  I strongly  agree with the many teachers of  Biblical evidence, who say that it is not that the Bible is too difficult to understand that it is not more widely read, but rather that it is readily understood and sends forth the challenge to believe that stops people reading. There is a strong trend in modern society to consider it is not intelligent to read the Bible or to believe what it says, since we are so advanced in our kowledge that “we have outgrown all that stuff” and capable of making our own decisions “based on natural law and observation of scientific evidence”.  But science has no ability to observe and decide what moral and spiritual teaching  can and does do to regulate behaviour and attitude and the daily and detailed challenges that so powerfully affect all the varied demands of  mankind.

There is no evidence that Jesus tried to force His teachings on anyone but rather that he never failed to meet the queries and honest searching of the multitudes.  And multitudes there were who sought his help, not only for miracles of feeding the hungry with “our daily bread”. But to seek out the reasons for His moral, ethical and spiritual directions which were and are so intensely practical, but also make for the solving of the problems that so beset the populations of the earth, both now and always. We ignore the One who came, taught, ministered, suffered to redeem all mankind by shedding his own blood on the cross for us that we are without excuse for ignoring Him and His Love.

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