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August 9, 2013

July 5th, 2013. A Very Significant Statement!

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A Very Significant Statement!
by Dick Hunt, Friday, July 5th, 2013.
This morning I had an appointment with my Family Doctor. My purpose was twofold. I needed to renew two little, external prescriptions, which have to do with small skin problems. And I delivered to my Doctor a copy of my report to the Hospital regarding my recent twenty day stay there.  He read the report, asked a question or two and said, “You have saved your own life.”.  He was referring to the fact that after ten days with no Bowel Movement since my admittance to the Hospital, I had screamed to the nurse, “Get me an enema, I am dying”.

At that she responded quickly and over the space of nearly four hours, she managed to clear the blockage.  Her remark to me, finally,  said it all. “In all my years of nursing I have never seen such a terrible mess. Your stool was like rock”.  And even then, as I had been doing in my previous ten days, I had to plead with staff to receive medications to prohibit a return of the problem.

Since then I have talked with a neighbor whose Mother, the same age as myself, died of the same problem, in the hospital.  My purpose in writing this story is to alert people to be aware of this danger and ask the right questions as they visit their loved ones and friends in hospitals. There are many staff members up and down the corridors and it is my impression that there s little communication between them all. The result can be that some patients fall through the cracks.  I very nearly did. Some do not make it.
Years ago in a town where we lived, one of the local Doctors fell ill and was being monitored by one of the other Doctors in the hospital, who prescribed the wrong Drug and very nearly killed his friend.  In the same Hospital, a Doctor made the same mistake and a six year old boy died as a result. I am not suggesting that Doctors and other staff are monsters.  But we humans are subject to making bad decisions and innocent people suffer needlessly and tragicly as a result.

When my Doctor told me today I had saved my own life, I said with deep feeling, “It was God who saved my life by putting the right words, with strong emphasis, in my mouth”. And he heartily agreed with me, being the sensitive man he is.  He took my blood pressure, read all my vital signs, asked me the revealing questions that let him know how I am feeling and then said I should continue consuming my Shaklee supplements as I have been doing for the past 36 years.

My chief motivations in life are to reveal  to as many people as possible that our first passion should be to show them that God wants them to turn to Him and receive His Love and free  Salvation.  Secondly, I want people to take to heart that we must take responsibility for our own health, and try  to persuade them to  eat sensibly, (hence, Shaklee Nutritionals, the very best).  And to care for the whole environment (of which our bodies and minds are a part), because we all have our part to play in that.  Shaklee cleaners  are all fully biodegradable and fully effective.

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