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August 9, 2013

August 7th, 2013. Happy Experience With Happy People.

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Happy Experience With Happy People.
By Dick Hunt, August 7th, 2013.
I have just, two days ago returned from a Shaklee World Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The attendance was estimated at more than 5,000 Shaklee Members from seven countries, ( the exact number still to be announced). As many of you know, we were there at the time of my 93rd Birthday, which made it more special for me. Thank you for your cards and e mail messages expressing your good wishes. It was announced several times at the Convention that I would be 93 on August 4th and I was aware that I was the oldest active Shaklee Member present. Consequently I received many hugs and good wishes. I also became aware that a very large number of those present were deeply committed Christians, as they also said I must be one of them. I assured them that yes, we walk together as Christians and as Shaklee people who share freely what is good in life and for the environment. The staffs of the Home offices were there and their evident good health, vitality, great attitude are totally in tune with the Shaklee policy of being the best we can be as Golden Rule members of this great company.

It was evident that women outnumbered the men at the event and were very successful in their positions of Leadership in their own Businesses. In the many workshop sessions, with eager expectations, presentations were led by women, two to one and with great effectiveness. They were fun, they were slim and trim (ask us about “Shaklee 180”) and they were passionate sharers.
We stayed at the Gaylord Hotel (2,000 rooms, miles of corridors), good service. We experienced the same temperatures and weather that we are used to here, one little shower, some cloud cover. And tons of good will and new friendships. We had a three hour, evening cruise on a Paddlewheeler on a tributary of the Mississippi River, with a fine meal and stunning performance with live music. We exulted in the stunning gardens and fountains which surrounded us on all sides.

And we learned a great deal about what can easily be done to promote and enable people with health problems to experience optimum health, avoid heart poblems, diabetes and many other grave difficulties and live much more enjoyably. All over the so called developed world, one of the most costly and debilitating problems is overweight conditions rapidly becoming obesity on a massive scale. Obesity leads to many other illnesses and ends far too many lives each year. It also costs our Governments huge health dollars in coping with Public Health Care and that is
tax dollars burning holes in budgets everywhere.The food industries advertise taste and convenience to lure us into stuffing ourselves with as much as we can eat, regardless of the nutritional excellence of what we consume. If our food intake does not provide what our trillions of cells require to satisfy our needs, we will continue to eat until we are bloated with stuff that does not satisfy. We will be overweight, undernourished and consistently less healthy. It is time to take charge. You can be healthy. It is great to be healthy and energetic. With what we put in our mouths.

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