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August 9, 2013

April 21, 2013 A Message In A Dream.

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A Message In A Dream.
by Dick Hunt, April 21st, 2013.
In the small hours of this morning, a word came to me which I had never been aware of in all my years.  That word is “Chicanery”.  I awoke, startled, wondering how the word could have come into my consciousness. I lay awake for some time, wondering if I should write it down, finally going back to sleep again. When I awoke to face the day, it was still there, demanding to be investigated.  I had a slim feeling that it had to do with human behaviour.  So I went to my large dictionary and this is what I found.

“Clever but misleading talk, a fake argument, trickery, deception”. I then cast about in my mind  to find whether, out of my experience I had any evidence of that application during my life. Out tumbled a great deal to clinch the given meaning of the word.  I thought first of the world of business and advertizing.  Living as we are in a world where most people are being widely convinced, in the so called ‘Developed World’,  that we must have everything our eyes detect as delectable, modern, achievable ( with the “easy credit’ of our days in the Western World,) we are easy game for the advertizers and easy to bamboozle.  “Recommended by leading Doctors”.  (How are we being led and which leading Doctors and how many)  “Recommended by Bankers and Financial experts everywhere”.  (How many and how can we  check their honesty and motivation”)  And to quote Pontius Pilate, “What is Truth.” And king of them all, “is there anything that can be called Truth and trusted in our modern world as incontrovertible “TRUTH? Well countless millions of this planets’ citizens  believe that in Jesus Christ, who died a aweful death  because He loves us, we have the answer.
I have staked my life on Jesus, the Prince of Peace and the Author and finisher of His gift of Salvation for more than sixty years as a Preacher of that Good News and have never been in the least inclined to recant.  He is always there for me and for all who turn to Him in penitence and the Faith that only He can reveal to Seekers after Truth. The source of that Truth for us is God’s Holy Word, printed in Holy Scripture, revealed to all the world in God’s Word REVEALED IN HUMAN FLESH, JESUS.

Yes, the Truth so revealed has also been reviled by hordes of unbelievers, many of them self styled reporters, researchers, pseudo theologians, and many in our day who are in positions of power and authority over churches large and small. When the roll is called, not up yonder as the Hymn says, but here where we live and move and have our being, we will be sorted in advance of our departure into the citizens who will be citizens of heaven  (God’s Kingdom beyond) and those who spent their lives refusing to believe, for whatever reason.  The debt is fully paid when we accept Jesus’ willing death upon that cruel Cross outside the walls of Jerusalem.  There is no trickery in that. It is Good News.  It is the Christian Gospel.  It has brought Peace and security and great Joy to billions of people who have said yes to the One who loves us so.  To have ones doubts about Truth swept away  as we receive the assurance of Salvation forever is beyond argument the greatest of all “gifts” in a world looking for fulfilment of all our desires.  Search for the Way, the Truth and the Life is beyond argument and doubt for those who say yes to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of all Creation. Only believe and you will know the Glory of God. How can anyone resist so great a gift, everlasting life with the Lord of all life.

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