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August 9, 2013

July 29th, 2013. An Update On My Plans.

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An Update On My Plans.
by Dick Hunt, Monday, July 29th, 2013.
With the exellent help of my son Tim and his wife Elaine, I will be assisted into a crew cab truck at 6:30 PM for a run to YVR.  In the cargo area will be my Electric Scooter, Tim’s electronic Wheelchair and our baggage. The truck is the property of Tim’s and Elaine’s friend in Vancouver and will be returned to him before we fly away. Take off time is 11 PM for the first leg to Houston, Texas.  Then we transfer to another Aircraft to Nashville.  Our “rolling stock” will be in the cargo hold, at no additional cost.  There has to be a perk for the Handicapped. Tim is short his right leg, at the hip socket, since birth with Cancer. I am wonky and lacking balance security since suffering a virus infection  in my right ear, 46 years ago, before we had Shaklee. Both of us have given a good account of ourselves in spite of our circumstances.It is only good courtesy to give credit where credit is due. My Family, led by Ruth have given both of us great support as we have all thrived  in our Family unit. Shaklee Corporation with the awesomely great health, personal and environmental care products must be given top billing to enable us to function with energy, staying power and amazingly great health, for the past 37 years. It was prior to becoming Shaklee Distributors that Ruth and I struggled with constant flu, colds, lack of energy while trying a myriad of so called “Health Products” that I lost my hearing and balance  in my right ear.  Tim has been on Shaklee Products for 37 years too and Elaine for many years. Tim will be 58 years of age on August 16th. I will be 93 on August 4th. We have no health problems!!!!
So, we will be in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday next week, to take part in a Shaklee International Convention with representation from the U.S.A, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China,Taiwan, Mexico and Malaysia. We will renew old friendships, make many new friends, learn new, trustworthy  information regarding new developments in the field of Nutrition and plans for the exciting future of opening up still more nations to enjoy the many benefits of  Shaklee. A benefit not shared nearly as widely as it should be is that Shaklee Corporation has, for more than 56 years,  paid bonuses to Distributors, based on the sharing of the Products by Sponsoring New Members, who then have the privilege of sharing the products with other people, ad infinitum.   For most of my time in Shaklee, we have received more than enough Bonus Cheques to cover all our own needs for products – paid directly to our Bank Accounts by electronic deposit, from Shaklee. The people with whom we share have the same privilege as soon as they see the great value of using and sharing the options. The more we share, the more we earn.  No minimums or maximums are required.  No contract is imposed. Total support in every way is given.  All products are fully guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.  Bring back the empties if you are not satisfied.  I have just received a birthday card from Shaklee Canada, signed by all the Office staff.  I will see them all in Nashville. I assure you I will have exciting things to share with you when we return from this great event, with a likely attendance well in excess of 1000 joyful, generous, positive, healthy, well informed people from far and wide. Until then, Wow!!!

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