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August 9, 2013

August 9th, 2013. A Smelly Dog Story

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A Smelly Dog Story.
by Dick Hunt, August 9th, 2013.
Recently a friend told me her large heavy coated dog had been sprayed by a skunk. Ruth and I had a very bad experience many years ago when we were fast asleep by an open window. We heard our Collie dog barking just outside the window and immediately we were choking on skunk spray, full in our faces. We stumbled out of bed, very ill and rushed outside, gasping for breath and didn’t go back into that little cabin for weeks afterward. We tried everything we could find to get rid of that terrble smell but nothing solved the problem. Every time Ruth washed her hair for months after, the smell was renewed. We had recently had a large house moved from a farm east of the Ranch headquarters and spent months in that place camping as we gradually prepared it for full time use. That experience occurred in 1945, 31 years before Shaklee products were available in Canada. We just had to live with the smell in those days.

I told my friend that one of our Shaklee cleaners would eliminate the Skunk smell and sent her off with a little dropper bottle with a couple of desert spoons of “Shaklee Basic H2” general use cleaner in it. This morning she came to tell me that the skunk smell was completely eliminated and her large dog smelled sweet and clean again. The same cleaner, (fully biodegradable and the same Ph factor as healthy skin) will eliminate grease, grime, odors etc. and we use it for all general cleaning purposes. Just add a little to tap water and swish. CLEAN!
We use it for all general cleaning purposes, for bathing, washing fruit and vegetables, (just a drop or two in water and it rinses immediately), spot cleaning on garments and carpets, you name it! We put 4 drops in the windshield washer tank in the car for clean windshields. One 473 mL bottle of Basic H2 equals the cleaning power of 5,824 bottles (769 mL each) of Windex. And Windex is harmful to the environment while Basic H2 is kind and safe to use. A cleaner with a thousand uses!

There are other cleaners in the selection, for Laundry (liquid and powder), dishwasher, hand wash, hand dish wash, Basic Bright to replace Bleach with no odors or toxic content, and others, all safe and very economical. Switching to Shaklee cleaners will save you up to 3/4 on all cleaning costs and yield much better and more effective cleaning.

Research has shown that many over the counter cleaning products are very harmful to the health of people in homes, especially to children who’s immune systems are not yet fully developed. With Shaklee cleaners, more is not better. The tendency of persons using Shaklee cleaners for the first time is to try to make suds by putting in more than the amount in the guidelines. Suds do not clean. People are brainwashed by the advertisers to expect lots of suds. Shaklee cleaners contain no water. We add the cleaners to tap water in the correct proportion to get the best results for the job in hand. Over the counter liquid cleaners are sold with the water added. Happy cleaning. “Get Clean”.

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