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May 29, 2013

A Bishop and a Grandfather

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A Bishop and a Grandfather.
by Dick Hunt, May 24th, 2013.
They were both in a two bed ward in a Calgary Alberta Hospital. The Bishop, Rt.Rev. George Calvert had Bells Palsy. The Grandfather was old and tired. And lonely. They got acquainted. In due course the old man asked the Bishop what he did for a living. Then he asked what Bishops do. His knowledge of Faith was very limited. But they had lot’s of time to visit and the Bishop patiently led him to the point where he asked what difference it would make to his life if he became a Christian. That deepened the discussion and over the next week , the old man decided he would like to be a Christian. His new friend explained Baptism to him and what it meant and the Bishop Baptised him, with staff members as witness. The process continued. The Bishop instructed him further in the teachings of the Catechism, the Christian Creeds, the Gospel Sacraments which are Baptism and Holy Communion. It was not a crash course. It was good, question and answer, “fill me until I want to take the next step” teaching. They had lots of time. Have we given serious thought to the patience of Jesus, who never gives up on us?

As time went on the Bishop taught him the meaning of Confirmation, which is to make firm our decision to believe in Jesus as Saviour and Lord of our life and to worship and serve Him forever, here and hereafter. So, again with staff members as witnesses to the simple service of Confirmation, the Bishop laid his hands upon the head of the old gentleman and prayed that he would continue Thine forever, and daily increase in Thy Holy Spirit, more and more until he come into Thy everlasting kingdom. The old man was truly grateful. That is a good way to use ones spare time.
Having just spent 20 days in Hospital I can tell you that I spent prime time in Bible study, prayer and meditation at all hours of the day and night. While still a Rancher, with four years in the R.C.A.F., then Marriage and back to Ranching for ten years with Ruth, I developed a marvellous habit of reading my old King James pocket Bible, which I have at arms reach this very moment. The print is so tiny, I can scarecely read it, but it is a reminder of the happy days when I was learning to spend prime time feasting on the Word of God written and coming constantly nearer to Jesus the Word of God clothed in flesh to dwell among us. In the three years of His public Ministry Jesus changed the world more than any Person in History. “ B.C.”, (Before He was born in Bethlehem). The change resulted in the Initials, A.D., “Anno Domine’, after God the Father acted in causing the Virgin Mary to conceive the Child Jesus in her womb without benefit of a human father. “Not possible”, many people say! Not possible??? The God who made the entire Universe, including all the raw material, is able to Visit us on this little planet in the Person of Jesus – His Express Image, to make Himself known to all who turn to Him. Too many people put limits on God and end up thinking He can do us no good. In the marketplace, we are constantly urged to “Try this new product’. I recently visted with a person who had tried 18 different weight loss programs over the past few years which had all failed miserably. I am about to share one which never fails and is more pleasant to use and health producing than all of the ones which failed. Many“Modern’s” have written off the Christian Faith without really trying it on for themselves and have let society talk them out of finding out for themseles how great it is to invite Jesus into their lives to walk with Him in the Fellowship of Salvation.

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