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April 11, 2013

I have Taken A Break.

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I have Taken A Break.
by Dick Hunt, April 7th, 2013.

My previous Story was written shortly after the Passing away of my beloved wife, Ruth on March 27th.  Her Funeral was from St. John the Divine Church in Maple Ridge on April 4th at which time many great Family and Friends were present.  It was a great comfort to me and to the family to know so many people cared and shared their love. So has ended the most beautiful marriage immaginable after we pledged our vows to each other more than 68 years before. And now, although our physical presence has come to a close, our spiritual contact is simply in abeyance until we meet again in the Kingdom of God in heaven. We both believe in the Communion of Saints and have done since we each committed our lives to the Lord Jesus, before we ever met. The Promise of God for His Children never wavers – His Love, in Jesus’ name is the same, today, yesterday and forever.

So I carry on, with the members of the Family standing by to share the love that is so precious across the miles, in every way possible in their busy lives.  I do not feel lonely because I am in the very presence of our Lord and Shepherd, who surrounds me with His constant love and Spirit. His final contact with His Apostles before He ascended into Heaven to be with His Father until His coming again, gives us the assurance that His Spirit will be with us constantly  until He comes again to guide, comfort, teach and empower us while we carry on in trust.
We do not know the time or place of our being called to our final breath.  But we can be sure we will be called to be  home, to be with “those whom we have loved and lost awhile”. And although we will not simply be “reunited in Marriage.” ‘There is no marrying nor giving in Marriage in Heaven’, (Matthew 22:30), every person in Heaven will know one another in the deepest of  Love, in the Presence of the Lord Jesus. I have no doubt whatsoever that Ruth is in heaven with the Lord God our Father, Jesus our Saviour, the Holy Spirit, the Saints and the Angels of God. So I am a widower, awaiting my call to go home to heaven, to be where everyone loves everyone else.  I believe that we will all know our departed loved ones and love everyone in  Heaven as there will be no sin in Heaven, else it would no longer be perfect.

There is no reason to become careless about our life when we lose our mates, just because we will not simply continue our marriage relationship as a couple in Heaven. We will be hugely blessed in the Father’s Kingdom  as we continue to serve Him in holiness and righteousness and obedience, where time is not a factor –  neither a hindrance nor a help.  Time is a factor only here in our present life where days are measured in hours and minutes and seconds. Time does fly and is precious. We ought not to waste it, but spend it wisely in becoming the person we are called to be with the gifts we have been given. That task is to be effective in serving others, making sure they know the Lord Jesus is calling as many as we have contact with and sharing the best news of all, the Love of the Lord.


  1. I am reading this in Phoenix after a flight yesterday to join our eldest son & family here for a week. His eldest son will turn 21 on the 17th. We are blessed to be able to travel here to be with them. I will be playing for our Sunday service upon my return home and will be preparing the songs on his piano here which is a blessing to do. As I learn notes to offer praise I will be rejoicing in the promises you have shared in your letter. Your example to so many offers encouragment and comfort during this time of bearevement. You are in our thoughts and prayers always. Sarah & Fred Hope

    Comment by Fred&Sarah Hope — April 12, 2013 @ 10:13 am

    • Thank you Sarah and Fred. So good you can travel and be with family. Here is anther story for you.

      57 Is A Milestone Year For Me. by Dick Hunt, April 11th, 2013. My Father and dear friend and mentor passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 6th 1957 at the age of 71, just 12 days before his 72nd birthday. He had given me not only an instructive training in good behaviour but a shining example of truth and moral certitude in his own life, on exhibit day by day. He was firm but I always knew the reasoning behind his standards, as did my four siblings. I cannot think of another family who grew up so united in purpose and morality as ours. We never found reason to disagree and we were the dearest of friends. I am the only surviving member of that family.

      And then, on May 30th that year I was Ordained a Deacon in the Anglican Church, with authority to give myself to the limit of my ability in caring for the spirtual needs of people in a number of Parishes and Missions in east central Alberta. That is one of the reasons that my e mail address, web address etc. have 57 as part of the identity. And that is why I so fully trust that God called me to the Ministry which has since occupied my time, efforts and energies, since after six months as a Deacon I then received the additional authority to serve as a Priest (called Presbyter in a number of other Churches.) I still serve as such, though in the limited capacity of one who still has the authority to serve, as a retired Pastor with diminished mobility, but still with the fire of the Holy Spirit of the Living God to nourish me. And that is why, I am sure, God has given me a memory and ability to share in print. My Mother was the spiritual pillar in the household, who taught us to pray, to sing praises, to yearn to learn as we worshiped in the little Church building in the country with Dad at the wheel with his full support. How beautifully they confirmed each other as a team as they esteemed each other day by day. The little Church Building, known as St. Pauls, was just where me met for Worship and recieving instruction. The Church is the People of God, the Body of Christ who gather there. When I first began to heed the call of God to share the Good News of Salvation made available through Jesus as Saviour and Lord, I taught Sunday School there. Shortly after I began to share the Good News as a commisioned Lay Reader (Lay Minister) before finally plunging in to be prepared for Ordination in a trustworthy Anglican College in Saskatoon Sask. God has so fulfilled His calling and preparing and empowering of me and enabled me to Preach and Teach the Gospel for more than 60 years.

      The story would be very incomplete without the knowledge that my beloved wife and Mother of our four great children, Ruth, has stood and laboured at my side in the perfect harmony that has made our life together a testimony to His goodness and power to take of our weakness and make it His strength for His Glory and Praise. Right up to the very recent passing away of Ruth in Holyrood Manor, where she received such loving care from the staff, she continued to show forth the Love of God to the staff and patients alike, thus bringing Glory to God, as we are all called upon to do. I could not say less.

      Comment by Dick Hunt's Blog — April 12, 2013 @ 1:08 pm

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