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March 30, 2013

A Quick Answer to Prayer.

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A Quick Answer to Prayer.
by Dick Hunt, March 29th, 2013.

When I visited my wife, Ruth on Wednesday, I did so in the knowledge that she was not well and was informed by her Care Home on the phone that I should just visit her in her room and hold her hand. She was in fact hardly aware of my presence. My prayer for her immediately shifted to her comfort and I prayed that “if she was not able to regain her health, “Father, in your Love and Mercy, please take her Home to be with you.” Just minutes before midnight, she passed away peacefully with my daughter Gail present, Gail immediately phoned me and I hurriedly dressed and went back to Holyrood with her. She was so peaceful and lovely and after a visit with the lovely staff, we went back to my suite and to bed.

So altered a life changing experience of greatly fulfilling love which began with our meeting for the first time on January fourth, 1943 in a Parish Hall in St. Stephen’s Church Calgary. Neither of us has ever doubted in the least degree that God our Father who loves us all so deeply and without reserve, brought us together and has been our preserver, guide and ‘programmer’ ever since that first moment. Nothing that we have done has ever merited the joys we have known so wondrously for all the years, except that we have ‘walked with our Lord and tried to serve Him. We have never merited His love, nor can we. Nor can anyone else, for the only perfect person who ever lived, Jesus by His own willing death on the Cross HAS, FOR US ALL paid the price of salvation , by the mercies of God, for all the persons who have ever lived or will ever live on this planet.

Another quick prayer is, “Jesus, I choose to be your follower and Disciple, wherever you will lead me” (Disciple means, Disciplined one). I have shared the Good News of Jesus’ love and salvation with many people since I came to believe in Him and have never known a new believer who showed any emotion except joy, gladness, relief, excitement, new understanding and desire to share their new found Lord with anyone who will listen. We have just celebrated today, called “Good Friday” the death of Jesus on the Cross to make it possible for all believers to be with Him, in the Kingdom of God, Father and creator of all that is, and with all those who respond to His everlasting Love.

Thus I have virtually no doubt that my beloved Ruth is with the Lord and all who have believed in Him down the ages. We will know each other with joy and universal love when we meet again, with no regrets or pain or ‘unrest’.

I reveal without qualification that I deeply regret that I have to this point apparently failed to persuade many people who are very dear to me the urgency of making personal commitments to the Lord Jesus, through whom alone we have access to the Kingdom of God for Eternity. Of this matter too, I have no reservations or doubts and Jesus IS the only way home.The noises and opinions of the world around us speak all too loudly for many ‘moderns’ to allow them to hear the voice of the Lord God, to be taught the truths they so desperately need, to decide where they need to go to look after their future course to live forever with the Lord who cannot be mocked. He wants to love us back to Him with His everlasting love and He knows the Way, the Truth and the Love, is Jesus, the Living Lord.


  1. Our Hearts and prayers are with you Dick and your family. Leslie and Larry Goldsby

    Comment by Leslie and Larry Goldsyby — March 31, 2013 @ 3:46 am

  2. Fr. Hunt: Your wife, you and your family, were remembered in our intercessory prayers during our Easter Vigil at the Parish of St. Bride, Traditional Anglican Church of Canada, Pitt Meadows, B.C. These prayers will continue for the next three Sundays Several members of our parish know you personally, having met yourself and your wife in the Haney Place Mall at our information booth twice a year.

    George Ferguson, Lay Reader
    Parish of St. Bride.

    Comment by George A. Ferguson (a member of the Parish of St. Bride - The Traditional Anglican Church of Canada — April 2, 2013 @ 10:58 am

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