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March 20, 2013

Gentle, Moral ,Versus, Physical Advantage.

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Gentle, Moral ,Versus, Physical Advantage.

by Dick Hunt, April 16th, 2012.

When I was growing up on the Ranch in Alberta where I was born and lived until the age of 35, we had several very good patches of Saskatoon Berries among the hills.  For those readers who are not familiar with this wild fruit, the ripe fruit which hangs in clusters on the branches, is round, sweet, juicy  when ripe and dark purple in colour.  We kept watching the various places where it grew and one Sunday afternoon went forth in the car, the whole family, with our buckets to the most “fruitful patch”, to …………… find that a neighbouring family was on hand and had already picked the berries. and were about to go home. Dad didn’t argue with them.  He simply thanked them for picking our  berries and invited them to pour the fruits of their labours into our buckets.  Dad was not a big man  but he packed a wallop when he was confronted with a matter of morality. Our rather large neighbours  stared  at Dad for a few moments, then poured our berries into our buckets and without a word, got into their car and went home. Dad and Mother taught us the difference between right and wrong .  They also taught us that right behaviour  included sharing what we had with those who were less fortunate than we were. Dad would gladly have invited that family to share our berries had they asked him but they resorted to sneaking in and helping themselves. The family did not appear to have understood the message as successive events occurred.  But they understood that it was better to ask than to blunder in. And we children were enabled to better understand morality and good neighbouring.

Dad also taught us the value of doing good work. He taught us that ‘good enough’ was ‘not good enough’. We learned while quite young that a job worth doing was worth doing well. And that we should finish a job properly before leaving it.  The best of all was that he always set a fine example not only for us children but also for the employees. First up in the morning and after early chores helping to get breakfast on the table for family and crew alike. And what has stayed brilliantly in my memory is that when Dad came into the house  to meals, summer or winter , the year round,  he swept Mother into his arms and gave her a big hug and a kiss. No matter who else was in the vicinity.

Our parents gave us so much and left us with such precious memories and examples. And I am the only one now able to share such joy, as my four sibling are deceased. In the troubled and uncertain world we live in, with far from universally acceptable beliefs, morals, faith and behavioral guidelines, I feel a deep calling to share what I believe we have lost. Many years ago my Dad told me he was pleased that most people seemed to like me but that he wanted all people to like me. I have learned however, through the years that it is impossible to bring all people to like us and still stick to doing and teaching what we believe about Faith and action  in our Spiritual Journey. Jesus told his followers that when we follow him obediently, we would be treated badly as he was. And he was nailed to a Cross, dying in awful agony to bring Salvation to all mankind. Only believe! It was for us !

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