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March 15, 2013

The Case For Silence.

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The Case For Silence.
by Dick Hunt, March,15th, 2013.

Technological devices make noise. The ripple of a stream makes a pleasant sound. I love the story of a small boy walking with his father in the woods for the first time on a spring morning. They lived in a city with all the attendant noises and clatter. After they had walked for a time, not talking, just drinking in the peace and bird songs and hints of breezes in the trees, the little boy said, “Daddy, there are no noises here, just sounds”. I have never been impressed with “background music” at social events. I find it to be anti social, domineering the space that could be filled with quiet conversation – or just silence.

There is another story that I heard many years ago which is applicable. A young traveling salesman in New York State was spending time in a rural general store and trying, without success to engage a group of old timers in conversation. After a silence of minutes, the young fellow said, “what is the problem here. Is there a law against talking?” Minutes again went by and then one of the men took his corn cob pipe out of his mouth and drawled, “nope, but we don’t believe in talkin’ unless we can improve on silence.”

And then there is the small boy who said to his Mother, “I am going across the street to visit the man whose wife has died” and away he went. Sometime later, he returned and his Mother asked him what they had talked about. The little chap said, “oh we didn’t talk, I just sat on his lap and cried with him.” There is a time of healing waiting for our visiting with hurting people, just to be with them.

The percentage of people who walk about with a music device in their ear is increasing and the age of the users is climbing as well, as far as I can observe. Noise is not conducive of thought but rather destructive. Silence is much more rewarding. I asked a young fellow at a public function why they turned the volume up so high on the P.A. system and he said, “we have to get the bodies vibrating”. That is the opposite to a learning experience in any language. I have been living for some years in a sort of “Cone Of Silence” and those who live alone will know what I mean. But it is not a dead experience. It is yielding of memories and new blessings originating in the quiet responses to what I read in the papers, magazines, books, e mail messages that cross before my eyes and continue to enthrall me in the quiet.

Then I find that I long to share what I am learning and have learned down the years. The memories that I am resolved to share then result in the papers that I make available to the people I love and appreciate and the dozens of family and friends who tell me they enjoy what I share on e mails that travel to Europe, Australia, the United States, across Canada and here in B.C, in Churches, homes, wherever I have been so blessed by the friends I have made, especially in times of quiet conversation. And the most moving times of all are those when I contemplate what our Lord and Father God shares from His Word written and His Word made Flesh, Jesus His Son, our only Saviour, the Prince of Peace and harmony and unity, when we bask in His presence.

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