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February 26, 2013

The Proof Of The Pudding.

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The Proof Of The Pudding.
by Dick Hunt, February 26th, 2013.

Nowadays, it is hard for shoppers to know what is in the foods we eat. While it is well known that many food additives are harmful to the health of people and animals, few people are well enough informed to discover which, to make safe decisions. Furthermore, most soils in which foods are grown are badly depleted of many ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS to maintain health. Unfortunately, many people working in the Health care systems have little specialized training in Nutritional Supplementation. Add to that the fact that the Nutritional products available in the marketplace are so readily available over the counter that it is a Russian Roulette exercise to make a decision about purchase. I am one of those millions of people who have used the Products produced by Shaklee Corporation, now for me, for 35 years, who have never had any reason not to safely and effectively maintain optimum health without the slightest concern about the safety of the science or effectiveness of all their products. All 100 % guaranteed or your money back. Dr. Shaklee produced his first all natural, food based Multi Vitamin – Multi Mineral in 1915 and supplied his patients with his “VITA LEA” with great effect. The Company has never looked back and still does deep research all the time to produce ever more amazing products. I am ninety two years of age, as is my wife and we are not on any prescription medications, yet our general health and energy are unimpaired. Until the authorities cancelled my driving license when I turned ninety, I was still driving to Calgary from Metro Vancouver in one 11 hour day, powered by Shaklee products and with energy to spare. With 74 years of safe driving in three provinces and no marks on any license I was considered too old to drive safely!

Age alone is not a test. Today I spent prime time with a family member who will soon be 90 years of age. He has had type one Diabetes since he was 60 and very nearly died of it about three years ago. His daughter, (my daughter in law) flew to Ontario to check on his health care and discovered that he was very ill. She took him from the hospital by plane to Coquitlam, B.C., found that he had a major seeping wound on one shin, had a nurse in to bandage it regularly, fed him a full course of Shaklee supplements and his leg is fully healed, his general health amazing for one who has suffered so long with Type one Diabetes. I have personal knowledge of many people who have been brought back to health by using Shaklee products. I am also aware that health care practitioners are about trying to “fix people” who get sick. Shaklee Corporation is all about helping people to maintain their health. And they are most successful in doing that.

I have a niece in Alberta who suffered terribly from Migraine Headaches. I sent her two Shaklee products, sufficient for two months. In eight days she e mailed me to say, “No more Migraines. Thank you so much” . I have just sent three products to a Nephew in Alberta who has been very ill from Abdominal cancer. His wife says even though he has been on Chemotherapy, with the three products he is feeling better, has more energy and is brighter and more positive than he has been for some time. My two sons are both Journeyman Carpenters and credit Shaklee products for their ability to counteract aches and pains associated with the strains they put on their bodies by using Shaklee products. And Shaklee products cause no side effects whatever, are safe to use when the directions are followed and are fully guaranteed or your money back. That is no risk and all gain! Enjoy.

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