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February 25, 2013

‘I Need To Borrow A Clerical Collar.’

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‘I Need To Borrow A Clerical Collar.’
by Dick Hunt, February 25th, 2013.

A Uniform is to identify our business. Or our profession. Or one I am trying to Identify with. Or whatever. In this case a member of an ‘Evangelical Church’ wanted to represent being a Minister in a play to be staged by his Church. I asked him why he needed to borrow my Clerical shirt and collar. He said, ‘we are staging a play in our Church and we have a Minister in it”. I said I would not be happy if they intended to mock people who wear Clerical Collars and those who wear them. Just testing. I knew the man well and fellow-shipped with him and others in his Church. I loaned him what he wanted and they were grateful. In the Nazarene Church.

I have been a Evangelical Christian ever since Jesus made himself known to me. Many of the keenest and most active Christians I have known over the years have been Anglicans. And Roman Catholics. And Presbyterians. And Lutherans. And Baptists. And Pentecostals. And Salvation Army. And Mennonites. The list goes on and on. Ideally, we are all trying to share the Good News of Salvation with all who will listen and respond to the best news ever with all the people with whom we associate. Generally speaking the Churches within which the Clergy wear Clerical Collars are the Roman Catholics and affiliate groups, The Orthodox, the Anglicans, the Lutherans and a few others. For myself, I want people to know I represent my Church affiliation to allow me to serve my Lord Jesus with people with whom I can helpful. From time to time I have been ridiculed or scoffed at for so identifying myself. On occasion, I have been able to share the Gospel with people who have been seeking Spiritual help.
But let me assure you, the Collar does not make the difference between good and bad Ministry. It does however serve to identify who may be trusted – or not trusted. Someone said to me one time, “that fellow acted so badly that I couldn’t hear his words”. I have always been repelled somewhat by ‘cold fish handshakes.’ And by people who won’t make eye contact while we are talking.

For more than forty four years I have been afflicted by reason of having zero hearing in my right ear. I suffered a virus infection in that ear all those years ago. I have learned that without two properly functioning ears, it is quite impossible to determine where sound is coming from. If an airplane is flying around, I have to scan the entire sky to locate it. If someone speaks to me (or tries to), I can’t locate the speaker except by line of sight and some indication of who is trying to communicate with me. Obviously that has had a strong effect on my ability to carry on person to person communication, especially in social groups. Some people give up on me or decide I don’t want to talk with them. My right ear looks just like my left one but one is dead and the other is alive. My balance mechanism also completely ceased to function in that ear which is why I have to move with a walker. From crisis to crisis I have had to learn new ways to cope. God has always come through for me and enabled me to continue to serve in my vocation. The result for me has been that I am more aware that the other person or persons in my daily walk may also have physical limitations that are not evident to me and to increase my sensitivity to their needs. I find that the majority of people are kind and want to be helpful. I am so thankful to God and His people for being enablers in my shortcomings. My Collar is one resource. Thank you.

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