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February 22, 2013

Skiers And Skiers – And Shaklee.

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Skiers And Skiers – And Shaklee.
by Dick Hunt, February 22nd, 2013.

So we sold the Piano and bought skis for the whole family. We were living in Williams Lake B.C. and a small ski hill had just been opened, up the highway a bit. We had been providing Piano Lessons for all four of our children for quite a while but they were not practicing or spending much energy at the piano. Ruth and I spent most of our time at the hill on the Bunny Tow area. Tim was the only one who went right to the top regularly on the Ski Lift and skied down the slope. On one leg! He used ski poles with small ski tips on the places where the points used to be. He still does because at the age of 56 he still ski’s occasionally. Early on he had a determination to succeed at what he undertook. So did our other three children but they had different interests.

Tim had been born with Cancer in his right thigh and suffered a full disarticulation of that leg at the hip socket at the age of sixteen DAYS. He had his first artificial limb at the age 0f three years, a stick on a half basket which strapped around his waist. It was funded by the Lions Club in Stettler Alberta. Compare that with a limb which costs about $75,000 dollars now. For many years Tim’s Prosthetics costs have been assisted strongly by the ‘War Amps Association of Canada’ and he is very grateful for all their help and encouragement.

Tim has many cups and medals won in amputee skiing competitions in North America. He also skied twice with the Amputees in Europe; in Innsbruck Austria (6th place). In Switzerland he did well but did not place, but he beat the top man in Switzerland in Squaw Valley competition the next year.

Tim learned to ride a bike and had a device to secure his left foot to the left pedal. People used to be amazed at his use of a bicycle with one leg. In his mid teens, he graduated to riding Motor Bikes and that caused a problem because he got pulled over, which cost him fines. But he never had an accident as far as I recall. Then he learned to drive a car and is proficient with either automatic or standard transmissions, using a stick on the clutch when shifting with the standard. And he can ‘double clutch’. When we left Campbell River on Vancouver Island to move to Mayne Island, we stored much of our possessions in one half of our daughter and son in law’s home in North Vancouver. We accepted the help of a friend in Campbell River who had a small moving Van, to transport a good proportion of our belongings to North Vancouver. When he arrived at the home in North Van, he declined to back down the steep slope to the Garage, and so did the rest of us, but not Tim. Standard Transmission, but he managed it fine.

And then he decided to be a Cabinet Maker and successfully passed all the requirements to become a Journeyman, which then became his lifetime employment. Only recently did he cease to work at that, because his one knee and his two shoulders rebelled at the overwork required of them. He now has a small Handicap Pension to help him with his living. His spirit and determination have not departed but his physical stamina, at the age of 56 has slowed significantly. He and his wife Elaine live in Coquitlam and are active in their community, their Church and with their melded family. They are very keen to share their interest and knowledge of high quality, all natural food based Nutritional Supplements and fully biodegradable and most effective cleaning and other products with all who want to be healthy in a clean planet.

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