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February 15, 2013

The Early Years Of A Prairie Girl.

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The Early Years Of A Prairie Girl.
by Dick Hunt, February 15th, 2013.

Her name is Ruth. She was born in the farmhouse of her maternal Grandparents near the Alberta Saskatchewan border quite near old Fort Walsh, a headquarters of the Royal North West Mounted Police. She grew up with one  sister and five half brothers and one half sister. They moved quite a lot, farmed, attended school in one room schools went to Sunday School  when one was available under the encouragement of their Lutheran Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. Sometimes they went to the Salvation Army Services. Or sometimes to Baptist or similar groups.  Often during her early years she was told to avoid the Anglican Church and was told that “They’  didn’t even have a Bible in that Church.

When she was 14 years old, she left home and set out to get an education.  She arranged to stay with farm families over the next few years where she did baby sitting and housework for her board and room, and the privilege of going to school.  She was both wise and fortunate in her choices and those families, some in towns and some on farms were most compassionate and eager to help her get ahead in life.

She eventually lived with a couple who had a daughter and the Husband worked for the C.P.R., chiefly as a Station Master. So Ruth found herself living in Medicine Hat, going to a good School and eventually to a Commercial School where she became qualified in Book-keeping, shorthand, typing etc.  And she decided she would see for herself why people in her earlier life had warned her against the Anglican Church. She went to St Barnabus Anglican Church in Medicine Hat on a May morning. The people greeted her, smiled, went into their pews knelt and quietly prayed.  She felt secure and at home.
Ruth has never left the Church of her choice.  She was prepared for Confirmation by Mrs. Butcher, the wife of the Rector, Confirmed after thorough preparation and has never looked back. She has never been brainwashed and early became immersed in the study of the King James Bible which is the one which was produced by the Church of England (Anglican) and in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer which is word for word, 80% straight from the King James Bible. So much for the Church that doesn’t even have a Bible!

Some years after that, I was called of God, in Christ to study for the Ministry and being in the Town of Hanna Alberta had reason to go to a plumbing shop.  Knowing the lady behind the counter and that she was a member of “The Church of Christ”, I shared with her that I was shortly going to study for the Ministry.  She asked me ‘in what Church’?  When I told her, ‘The Anglican Church’, she was aghast and said,’Oh no, they don’t even have a Bible in that Church’.  I asked who told her that and she said,’my Pastor’. I asked her what Bible she used and she said, ‘the King James Bible’.  And I told her, that is  the Anglican Church translation which in those days nearly every Church except Roman Catholic uses.

Ruth is my wife, now of 68 years and we are happy Christians in the Anglican Church.  All four of my siblings are in Heaven as are  Ruth’s.  We are almost alone, of our generation, still soldiering on.   I have been Preaching and teaching and living the Gospel for more than 60 years. We have learned  to live happily in the service of God. Not that the Anglican Church, or ourselves are perfect. Far from it. We are still works in progress, trusting in the Promises of God and being made more fully in His image through our Saviour Christ.

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