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January 30, 2013

Testing – Testing – Testing.

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Testing – Testing – Testing.
by Dick Hunt, January 30th, 2013.

That is what life is about. The use I made of those words in my time in the R.C.A.F. during the second world war referred t0 the testing of radio equipment ‘on the air’ to make sure it was working well in communication with aircraft and ships and point to point on land. Since those days the use of those words have come to mean much more to me than I ever knew they could mean. I have learned that all of life is a time of testing for what comes next. When I was home, starting in Grade one, in a one room Public School, with ten grades, 36 pupils, jammed into a crowded school room, one little teacher with one year of “Normal School” beyond Grade 12, testing was the norm. For everyone involved. The equipment was very sparse. A case of pull down maps on one wall for geography, wall to wall chalk boards, a tiny library with about 200 books in it. We bought our own text books. Those teachers were marvelous, many of them but little older than the grade ten pupils. They Grounded us in the three R’s – “readin, ritin and rithmetic.” And acceptable behaviour.

We also learned how to work, hard, and to show results pleasing to our parents and helpful to all the people around us. As time went on, we learned lot’s of skills, commensurate with our strength and abilities.

At the close of my Air Force duties, I returned to my life on the Cattle Ranch, with a whole new life – marriage, with my so delightful wife Ruth, now of 68 years. And then in due course we became the parents of a girl, a boy, a girl and a boy. And to better learn how to be parents and citizens of this earth and pilgrims with the intent of entering Heaven at the end of our life, we followed our parents example and worshiped and served in our Church.

Little did I know that God would ask me to commit myself to eventual full time Ministry in the Church. It began with my appointment as a Lay Minister with minimal training and instruction, in two local Churches. Each Sunday. While still being a hard working Rancher, Husband and Father. One Sunday I was Commissioned. The next Sunday I was conducting services and Preaching in a United Church at 11 AM and an Anglican Church in another town at 2:30 PM. My training, other than being a active lifelong Church member and constant Bible reader was near zero. This is where the story comes together. ‘Testing – testing – testing.’ I was used to the cattle waiting to be fed. But People waiting to be fed – and led – was a whole new experience. Jesus himself said in Capernaum, “truly, I say to you, no prophet is acceptable in his hometown………”

But I was certainly not a Saviour, but one of multitudes of other believers called to make the Saviour known. And to that end I have bent my energies and abilities for 60 plus years. I have never regretted saying yes to my calling. And I am certain that God is still testing me, but more, much more than that. He is, as always, giving me the strength, abilities, words and eagerness to share what He gives me to share. In my early days of public Ministry, I learned to Trust God, always for strength.

In the time of great testing, with Ruth and our first three Children when I was training for Ordination, Our youngest, Harold Timothy was born with Bone Cancer in his right thigh, making necessary full disarticulation of his leg at the hip socket, at the age of sixteen days. Four hours after the beginning of the surgery, he nursed naturally at Ruth’s breast, still another test for us all, 57 years ago. More testing. More assurance of God’s great love and mercy. Tim lives near us.

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