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January 28, 2013

I Was Attacked. Several Times.

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I Was Attacked. Several Times.
by Dick Hunt, January 28th, 2013.

I mean, hurt. Damaged. Wounded. The first time,of any concern was when I picked up a small pig which had escaped from it’s pen on the Ranch and it objected with a loud squeal. I was 12 years old and knew that Mother pigs could be very dangerous, but I looked around, saw no mother pig and the next ting I knew that 450 pound sow had knocked me down onto my back and was going for my throat with her long tusks. I screamed, with my left arm across my throat; (I have the scars to this day). My 18 year old brother -Wilfred – was only fifty feet away just beside the stable. He ran out to me, grabbing a four foot length of 2’ by 4’ on the way and hit the sow over the back, breaking the 2’by 4’ edgeways and she paid no attention. Instantly he hit her on the snout with the piece still in his hand and she stopped her attack. Wilf had found her weak spot. I was bleeding and looked a wreck but was taken to the house and patched up by my Mother and brother. You might wonder know I know the sow weighed 450 pounds. My father shipped her off to market and was paid for 450 pounds of Pig. And I was better educated, Check more than once for danger.

Another time, five years earlier, I walked past a school swing in Victoria, B.C just as a pupil jumped off it and didn’t see it coming. That time I lost my top middle incisor and was without it until my Mother came to my rescue and and paid for the necessary dental work to have me fitted with a partial plate to hide the gap. The only uses I could find for it were; I could whistle through it and I could spit through it. But for years it was unsightly and I was most conscious of it in public. It was great to have it fixed.

The third attack was one which recurred and was caused by a large bully in a one room Country School. I was much smaller than him. Fortunately I could run faster than him and as long as I could see him coming could avoid him. But I was not at all happy with that arrangement. I tried a new tactic. When I saw him coming, instead of running faster I let him catch up and just as he was going to attack me I got in the first blow which landed in the middle of his face. That ended the bullying from that source.

The next attack came from a pile of construction material beside a house in North Vancouver. I was just starting to help my son in law with a housing project when from the top of my ladder, which broke, I fell into the rubble. It would not have caused me much damage except that I was keenly aware that a little grandson was playing somewhere below my ladder and so I turned instantly toward where he had recently been, taking all my weight on my left leg with my back twisted. That left my back rigid with no chance of my leg taking the strain from my back. The instant result was that I suffered the crushing of my third lumbar vertebrae and also fracturing of bones in left heel. My son in law who was wise about such accidents from training in first aid, cautioned me not to move, called an ambulance and for quick response the fire department came, rolled me into a ‘basket” and carried me up the hill to the street and I was quickly moved to Lion’s Gate Hospital in an ambulance. I had X rays, still on the Gantry at 10;30 PM, and a young Dr. came to see me and tell me my problems. The words were somewhat biological and medical and I asked him to tell me in plain English. He said. “well, you bust your back”. I asked about my foot and he said, “you bust that too”. I was in hospital for 30 days and then home.

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