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January 28, 2013

I Had Suffered From Sciatica Since The Age Of Twelve.

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I Had Suffered From Sciatica Since The Age Of Twelve.
by Dick Hunt, January 28th, 2013.

Where I spent most of the first 35 years of my life, on a Cattle Ranch in east central Alberta, we used to store ice in a hand dug well 20 feet in depth, cutting the ice toward the coming of Spring and covering it well with Wheat Straw. It lasted us through most of the summer. It was covered with boards and one day I was walking over the top when one of the boards broke. I fell 20 feet to the bottom, landed on my right hip on a D handled shovel. I was immediately in great pain and was pulled from the well by people on top. I was taken to a Chiropractor in the town of Stettler, 50 miles away and he worked me over, relieving the pain somewhat. His name was Dr. Bozer, he was well up in years and stone blind. I continued to have occasional treatments from him over the years. Finally, I traveled to Calgary in March of 1952 to have treatments from a Chiropractor there.

The first one was on a Friday morning. That afternoon I went to the Airport to visit a Pilot Friend of mine to pass the time. He suggested I should sign up for flying lessons, which I did. I had a one hour lesson at the controls with Franz McTavish in the rear seat. He asked me what I was doing in Calgary and I told him I had come to have treatments from a chiroractor for Sciatica. He asked if I would come to supper with him at his home and then go to his Naturopathic Physician after supper. I said yes. The office was up a long flight of stairs on a main street. It was a hard climb. He was a very different kind of practitioner, called Rollo Hess. As Franz watched my transformation on that “table” he laughed at what was happening. From having a right leg two inches shorter than my left one when my backbone was straight , they were equal!

He was gentle as a kitten. He manipulated my bones by using them as “fulcrums” to bring them to equal length. He used my arms the same way. I felt no pain – in fact my pain was disapearing by the minute. And Franz was still chuckling away. Then the Dr. had me look straight at him and he said, “Your skull is crooked. Did you know your skull is made of segments?” He put his hands on my skull in various places and gently moved the segments around. For years one of my eyebrows had been half an inch higher than the other and people used to tease me about it. With Franz still laughing, he straightened my skull and I felt no pain in the Process. Needless to say, I visited him regularly over the next few years and introduced grateful people to him as well. He also taught me how to use Nutritional supplements to guard my health, a very helpful boost in my life.

Franz invited me back to the airport on Saturday morning and we flew together in the little plane for another two hours and fifteen minutes. I couldn’t remember ever having felt so well. Finally he told me to land the plane again near his Hangar space, he got out of the plane, said “O.K., I want you to solo, do a few circuits around the Airport, watch the Control Tower for color signals, (no radio in the little plane) and land again, which I did. Air traffic was light , he was waiting for me outside the hangar, waved me to a stop, opened the door. I cut the switch, he gave me a big grin and said, “that was a perfect three point landing.” He had previously taught my younger brother Bill to fly, had sold him his first plane (two Place Aironca Champ), then traded for a more useful four Place Aeronca Sedan which he used on a large Cattle Ranch for several years until he didn’t need it, then sold it when he moved back to manage the home Ranch. He was a great Pilot.

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