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January 25, 2013

God Sometimes Has Trouble Getting Our Attention.

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God Sometimes Has Trouble Getting Our Attention.
by Dick Hunt, January 24th, 2013.

So He Has To Send Our Children. I remember very well a lesson I was taught by my youngest daughter, Gail when she was about five years of age. Ruth relayed the message to me when I arrived home from work in the Parish late one afternoon. She said, “Dick I want you to hear what I heard this afternoon. Gail had a little friend in for a visit and here is what was said.The friend said, ‘where is your Daddy? and Gail said with a big sigh,“I don’t know”. ‘Doesn’t he come home?’ “No, he never comes home”. ‘Doesn’t he ever come home.?’ ‘Oh sometimes he comes home for a little while, but he is too tired to talk with me”. Those words are indelibly imprinted in my memory. I was shattered! I came to realize that families suffer the absence of a missing parent due to the pressure of various kinds of occupations, but being a Pastor for a large area congregation is one of the most difficult to juggle in the raising of children. Single Parent families know what I mean.

In that first Parish in Alberta, with first a girl, then a boy, then another girl, then another boy, we were really pushed for scheduling. A good deal of the time, Ruth was working outside the home to help pay the bills, as our income was very low. And that continued during our years in three Communities for over thirty years. Not until parish number three did I ever have a Parish Secretary, so mailing, preparing Church News leaflets and Sunday bulletins, keeping the Membership lists up to date etc. were all part of my duties. And as a typist I used only two fingers. No computers until long after retirement.

Just this evening I asked my care person to lift down three large binders of Sunday bulletins, each holding many weekly studies based on the Bible Readings.
My constant concern has been to Preach and Teach the contents of the Bible, as chosen in the weekly and yes, even daily readings for many years, to enable the entire Bible to be read in the church each year and the New Testament to be read twice each year. All the Psalms were chosen to be read once every month. The Book of Psalms is the Hymns of Hebrew Worship and has been used by Christians regularly, many of them set to music or ‘Plainsong’ and often sung as Hymns to this day. A common example is Psalm 23, set to Music and the first line being “The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want…Psalms are also most helpful to be used as prayers and great soul comfort may be had while meditating on their words. It was while reading my small print pocket Bible, King James version, every opportunity day after day that Jesus Christ became very precious and real to me while I was still a Cattle Rancher and driving a tractor in the Hayfield. He has never left me and His presence is as close to me as ever.

How can we know whether or not the Bible is God’s book of instruction? Here is something that came to me at the age of 32 when I was reading my little Pocket Bible with great intensity. “Happy shall you be, when refusing to sit in judgement upon the Bible, the Word of God, that you yield yourself up with humble spirit to it’s mysterious, searching power”. It yields up to those who search it’s pages riches of faith and clarity of purpose and direction that our hunger for it’s content will fill our hearts with joy and gladness. It leads us to know God, who want’s nothing but the best of life, liberty, health and sense of purpose possible, no matter what our circumstances of life. And God’s Spirit within us, when we invite him to live in us, will interpret for us what is the meaning of what we read. Oh the Riches of His Love for us!

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