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January 22, 2013

There Are Various Kinds Of Bread.

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There Are Various Kinds Of Bread.
By Dick Hunt, January 22, 2013.

And there are various colors of bread, depending on the kind of flour used in the making. Different kinds of yeast, different kinds of flavors. I stayed once with an an old bachelor overnight in his little shack on the prairies when I was looking for a stray horse away from home. He boasted about his sour dough bread. I could hardly eat it. It was light half fried oatmeal porridge with some very doubtful looking additives. Bread has to be knit together with liquids so it can be baked and retain it’s shape.

I can still remember the delicious aroma of the bread my mother used to bake each week for a hungry household. If some ingredients are left out the bread would either crumble, or like Mother’s first attempt as a young bride on the prairies in a sod shack, be so impervious to teeth, even the coyotes teeth when it ended up in the pasture that the coyotes played with it, rolling it around for fun.

There is a sense in which we are all crumbs looking for a loaf to live in. Until we are part of a loaf, fitted in with other crumbs, prepared by the baking of life around us to cope with life, shaped by the great master baker, we are ineffective and not very helpful to other crumbs. When we are carefully shaped, made with effective yeast, the yeast of the Holy Spirit to work in us to make us over from ingredients to nutritious bread, we will not be good parts of the loaf. Only the Lord of creation knows what we are intended to be and what we are capable of becoming. He really has a plan for all of us. But he will not force us into the shape we are to become. Be open to Him and thus feel free to become what He knows we can do.

We are not really clever enough or wise enough to insist on making other people being our “clones’. I have known two young men whose parents were so keen to have one of their sons become a Minister that they never let up on them until they were ordained and thrust into training and ordination for Parish ministry. Two different families. Two different Churches. Both committed suicide. They were not called of God to Minister. They were shamed by their parents and couldn’t live a lie. Both were fine young men. One was my neighbour across the fields. Ministering to people in the shaping of their Spiritual lives is a heavy responsibility, which is thrust upon parents when they have children and shared by Pastors and Teachers and the wider family throughout life. It is an awesome responsibility and when God moulds adults into guides and counsellors is a sacred calling.

A very great factor in working with people is the image that we adults portray in our day to day life. Years ago in Alberta, in a Church where I ministered, a neat young man began coming to Church on Sunday evenings. He always came just after the service began and left just before it ended. No-one had a chance to meet him. One evening however he stayed behind and waited to talk with me. His purpose had to”test the waters” to see if we were consistently reliable and trustworthy. He explained his behaviour and I met his wife and small daughter. He lives now in Burnaby, is very active and effective with his wife in the Parish Church there. They have never looked back. God brought him to Himself, on the strength of what he had heard and seen and shared with his wife, to enable him to act positively to his questions. And even while I was still there,they were bringing other young couples to meet their Lord God, through Jesus as their Saviour.

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