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January 21, 2013


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By Dick Hunt, January 21st, 2013.

In the Logging Industry and no doubt other industrial pursuits too, transportation used be provided for work crews on the job in open sided vehicles which were known as ‘Crummies”’, so called because they were were Crummy from the crews eating their sandwiches on their lunch break. Or so I presume. My Mother used to use a device like a small dust pan and a ‘scraper’ to wisk the crumbs off the table after a meal where there were often 20 people present on the Ranch where I grew up. We sometimes hear the remark that something is ‘crummy’ if we do not think it measures ‘up to snuff’ or up to certain standards. Jesus used the term to test the faith of a woman who was seeking help from Him to rid her daughter of a demon. There are similar stories throughout the Bible, called ‘Parables’, to illustrate truths which need to be told.

In Matthews Gospel, Chapter 15, verses 21 to 28, is the account of the testing of ‘A Canaanite Women” who was called in her own words, “a crumb that fell from their master’s table”. She was certainly not a Jew. Jesus referred to her as a dog. Yet we know that Jesus was soon to die for the forgiveness of all people who turn to Him in obedience and faith. And Jesus knew that He was soon to die and rise again to win salvation for all who say yes to Him in repentance and faith. She also knew that in her persistence to see her demented daughter healed, she must press the point with Jesus. And so she did, and her daughter was instantly healed. It is quite certain too that her Mother was received into the Kingdom of God. Jesus said to her, “O great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.”

We must all pass muster when it comes to our tests in life. Do we fear the insults we may have to face from family or friends or workmates if we announce we have committed ourselves to Christ as His Disciples? Are we threatened with loss of our jobs, our reputations as ‘self made people’, those who need crutches to make a go of it?. One of my fellow students in College was told by a fellow student, God was a crutch and my friend shot back with, “And who isn’t limping?” God is not interested in being a crutch for anyone but wants only the best of health and energy for all his people. The most manly men I have known in my life have been deeply committed Christians and the most wonderful women I have known are the most wise and lovely of all. Jesus is not at all satisfied with making us better. He wants to change us from what we are with all our warts and wrinkles to what he knows we can become if we truly commit our lives to him without reserve.

We were given our lives by the power of Christ, – there is nothing made that was made except through Jesus Christ; “All things were made through him and without him was not anything made that was made. (John1: 3 and 4). That is you and me too, brother and sister. As our maker he certainly knows what is best for us and how we can be made over from what we are to what we can become. Does the potter say to clay, “what are you making?” Jesus has been likened in Scripture to the potter and knows full well what he wants us to become. Furthermore, when we humans hand over to him the control of our lives and endeavor to give him control, we find that we really are happy with the result. We find “the freedom of perfect service”, which is walking with Jesus day by day in harmony with his will as nearly as we can with his perfect guidance as our constant goal.

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