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January 19, 2013

Reg Wright In The Bell Tower.

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Reg Wright In The Bell Tower.
by Dick Hunt, January 19th, 2013.

It was great that Reg had a sense of humour and knew how to laugh at himself. After he became the Rector of St. Mark’s Parish in south west Calgary, the congregation decided to make some alterations, including the addition of a Bell Tower to accomodate the bell for ringing on Sundays and other occasions of Public concern. There were some matters still needing attention up there and Reg was on hand to complete them. The entry to the tower was accessed through a hinged trap door which could be lifted as one went up the ladder from the floor below. It still lacked a ring on the edge opposite the hinges to enable the occupant to open the trap from from inside the tower. And it was well named, as Reg had no way of lifting the trap door. But he proved his flair for solving problems using pages from his pocket note book. There were louvered slots on the sides of the tower to enable air to circulate and at the same time prevent rain from entering.

He watched through the slots to see when someone came along the sidewalk and called out to them for help. But, looking around and not seeing anyone, they speeded up to escape the sound of the voice. “Hello, I’m in the bell tower” speeded them on the way. Then he remembered that one of his skiils was to make paper darts, which he proceeded to do. They were small, but good things are done up in small parcels. On each one he wrote a note, explaining his problem and with his address included, asking that the finder ring the house bell and ask his wife to call a member of the Parish to come to his rescue.When he saw persons coming along he then fired his darts out and asked that they pick up the missive and read the note. And so he escaped unharmed.

Likewise, he was ingenious in getting the attention of many people who needed the help of the Helper we cannot see, but who everyone needs, Jesus, the Son of God. He it is who came into the world to rescue everyone who is lost and wandering and often wondering if there is any way to receive directions when feeling trapped. Just as Reg could not access the door to freedom without a handle ‘on his side’, so people everywhere need a friend to show them how to reach out to the One who is here for us all, ready to ‘take our hand and lead us home to our Father in Heaven’. John’s Gospel, 14:6  makes the matter clear as to how to come to the Father through Jesus the Son.

Nevertheless, many people still say, “If I could only see Jesus and touch Hm , then I could believe in Him”. See St. John’s Gospel Chapter 20:24-29 for the experience of “Doubting Thomas” and how he was convinced, and Jesus’ words to him, “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”. There are many millions of people in every generation who have heard Jesus knocking at the door of their heart and have believed. There are many who have been visited by the Spirit of Jesus and have said yes to Him. I am certainly one of them. There are many in every generation who have seen the presence of Jesus in other people and who having seen have become believers themselves. It is hard to remain unconvinced of the Living Lord Jesus Christ when we see the miracle of a changed life in those around us.

Reg Wright and his family have given ample evidence of lives made new in Jesus Christ, many times over and still convince others to follow Him. Reg’s ministry to me has resulted in many new lives turned from unbelief to belief. Praise God!

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